Chenault Lee Dvm

107 Harwood E Road
North Richland Hills, TX 76180

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Good vet

    by: DanielCh

    We have been taking our animals to Dr. Chenault since we moved to the Mid-Cities in '71. He has a way with animals that I've seen relax the most hesitant and scared animal. Very caring, good sense of humor, reasonable prices.


    caring, reasonable


    short hours

  • 2. Good vet

    by: pj0908

    I have used Dr. Lee on numerous occasions. He put TImothy down for me when his time came because Brown Tr. was not such a good place. When Pepe was attacked by 2 dogs and his leg almost torn off Dr. Lee reattached his shredded insides and you would never have known anything was ever wrong. He is very reasonable.\r\nI did wonder once though when I was taking in one of mine and he was telling me he was going to declaw some cats and almost seemed gleeful about it. I happened to know the person who was coming in and was not happy about it anyway so I did wonder about this. \r\nHe does have a good sense of humor and he does help the animals but I don't go to him all the time. THe one time I took Shadow in he started shaking and I've never seen him do that but I think it's because they were being loud.


    Good in many ways



  • 3. Best diagnostic veterinarian

    by: acutlip

    Dr. Lee Chenault has been our family vet since before I was even born. Dr. Chenault has in-depth experience with small animals and in my opinion, provides the most credibility on treatments or surgeries when faced with diagnosis of cancer or other conditions. He tells you what he thinks by exam first, and even without testing some things, is always right, every time. once he told us his thoughts about a melanoma that was found on our dogs muzzle. We wanted to get a second opinion just to be sure it would not reoccur and he said that was not necessary to do that sort of surgical procedure. Well, we did anyway, and after $800 spent on this procedure at another vet, the report came back just as he stated it would, clear and non-malignant. He knew this all because of his experience. He is very experienced and his knowledge far outweighs most other vets I have ever visited. Plus, he has a great sense of humor and is not going to run any tests or perform procedures that are not necessary for your furry loved one.


    knowledgeable, experienced, sense of humor, education, excellent diagnostician


    Not opened on Fridays or Saturdays