Chemung county humane society

2435 state route 352
Elmira, NY 14903
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User Reviews (15)

  • 1. This shelter cares for animals!

    by: lorilvt

    We need this makeover! We have a great organization and great people. Our physical surroundings needs to match!


    Great staff


    Too small

  • 2. This is a great place!!!

    by: easilydistracted

    The people who work at the Chemung County SPCA are very caring. They are also very knowledgeable about the pets they are caring for. They look for the right families to place the animals with. I was looking for a miniture poodle before I got little bear and there was one there but it had been abused, did not like children or men. So since I'm married and have two kids they told me no. I'm glad I did because although I love my puppy my kids come first.\r\n\r\nI also got my cat there in 2004. I wanted a calico and she is just beautiful.\r\n\r\nThank You very much.


    Very caring staff.



  • 3. Animal Shelter

    by: PunkPrincess

    I really think it is a grat shelter the staff knows alot about the animals and react to the coments that you make.They really care what you think about them.You can even walk the dogs that are up for adoption.





  • 4. A warm and caring place

    by: ciaschi

    This is a great place to adopt a pet or volunteer your time. It is a warm and friendly enviornment for animals and animal lovers alike. Besides pet adoption they offer great seervices like a low cost spay/neuter program and rabies clinics. Highly recommended!


    Friendly staff



  • 5. Great shelter with compassionate workers!

    by: jls4559

    Great shelter. Got two cats from here. Love the staff -- they work long hours and are so passionate about what they do.


    People who care!



  • 6. AWESOME!

    by: thall12

    I loved working here, but had to focus on college for a little while. People try really hard to give all the animals the best care that they can. Most of the people that work there are true animal lovers. They care from the deepest part of their soul. I hope that they win! It is amazing that they are ranked so high! Good luck guys!


    Very friendly staff.


    Building has strange layout-cramped.

  • 7. Meet Your Forever Friend

    by: clewis1

    The Chemung County SPCA could do so much more if they had a bigger facility. Right now, employees share office space with sick cats, bathrooms are packed with supplies, etc. This facility is outdated and not suitable for animals or people.


    Caring Staff


    Lack of space

  • 8. Wonderful neighborhood shelter!

    by: keveland

    I love the Chemung County SPCA. They are active in the community and encourage the community to be active within the SCPA. They keep us updated on their needs so we can help in every way. I don't know what we would do without them!


    Loving, caring people who care for the animals like they were their own


    Short on space and funds

  • 9. The best!

    by: Mochalover8224

    This Shelter is wonderful, they truely work hard to find the perfect fit of pet and owner and they really do care about the animals. Not only do the animals deserve a nicer building but so do the workers!


    Everyone is wonderful


    Too Small!

  • 10. am getting.......

    by: Hannahswimley10296

    this shelter has housed a lot of animals.\r\nthey have seen all kinds of animals fact i was there just a few hours ago and my family and i were looking at some dog's. the dog that we found is a very pretty little pup and in the room we were in there was a blind cat;and the reason this shelter is there is because all of these people care about these animals and they just want them to find a good home!!!





  • 11. great place

    by: harice4806

    ok...i have a few experiences with the SPCA. the first one was about 2 years ago or so. i've had this cat, Oliver, for about 8 years. he was just a very cool cat with not a care in the world. time went on he became overweight - despite special diet and such. he began having digestion issues and was constantly vomiting...the shelter recommended that maybe it was his "time". i was devestated and cried...but they did well with him and we had him cremated. they were very strong/supportive and kept telling me that it was better the he wouldnt be sick and suffering anymore...i guess that i knew that too...but after 8 years it was hard.\r\n\r\nsecond was just around my 1 year anniversary. my husband actually worked there at the time. now in our apartment we dont have much room but i really wanted a dog. we already had the two cats and it just needed something to finish our "family". on a cruelty case this little chihuahua came in. she was so scared the she bit everyone on day one. but i saw her on day 2 or 3 and said i had to have her. they opened the cage door and she jumped into my arms. so a week later we brought her home. she was very nervous and cautious at first. but she has long since made it her home. i would do it again given the chance...rescues are always the best animals - they just need lots of love


    staff is helpful


    ummm....just crowed as can be

  • 12. Cats and Dogs

    by: lov3n3v3r

    I have volunteered at the Chemung Country spca many times in the past. I have always found that it was nice and clean inside, granted I had to help get it that way. But the staff was always there to help of show you how to do something you didn't know. They always wanted everything right to provide better comfort for the animals. I used to help walk dogs down the back run behind and they would be so happy to get outside and to get their attention. This humane society is a great place for animals but in bad need to renovations. The cats and other animals need more room, no matter what the staff does it doesn't make up for the area just not being large enough to house that many animals.


    Clean, Efficient, Location



  • 13. Help Us Win a Makeover!

    by: OfficerPhatcat

    As an employee of the Chemung County SPCA, I urge our community to register on to earn points for our shelter. The CCHS/SPCA is in serious need of a makeover. Please help us so that we can help our community's stray, abandoned and abused animals.


    Kind, Caring Staff


    Small, Outdated Building

  • 14. Wonderful Shelter

    by: Doniellev

    I think the Chemung County Humane Society is a great shelter with a lot of potential, they just need help with space. They're hard working and they all have the same desire, to help find loving homes for all the animals.


    The staff will go out of there way to help an animal or a customer with help


    Not a lot of space

  • 15. These guys care

    by: KAJ2281

    This shelter is a wonderful shelter to deal with. Everyone that I have talked to there is very nice and knowledgable. They do not euthanize based on length of time at the shelter, which is wonderful, and try very hard to work with dogs that have issues to make them adoptable. I have met a smiling face every time I have gone there, which is nice considering what they have to deal with on a daily basis.


    Very Nice


    None that I can think of