Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital

957 Dick Rd.
Cheektowaga, NY 14225

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. animal care

    by: kasha616

    We have been here for over 10 years and love it. Except for a few differences with office and new policies they are wonderful. They suport you even in the bad times when you must decide a future for your pet when you know things are bleek for them.


    Dr Sue


    office policies since new ownership

  • 2. Saved my Dog's Life

    by: mollymoo0104

    Cheektowaga Veternary Hospital saved my dog Cory's life. My dog one day got into the garbage and she ate chicken bones. We did not know this. When I went to go get her from her crate in the basemnet she was shaking and could walk onher back legs.I was very nervous and scared because I lost my dog a couple years before this because of a tumor and I did not want to have to lose another. I called the vets and they took her right away. They saved her life because one of the chicken bones got stuck in her stomach and it let go gases. They did surgery on her and she was back to good as new in TWO days! It was amazing... Thankyou Cheektowaga Vets!!!!!!!


    They save lives


    There really isnt any!

  • 3. Excellent Pet Care for 30+ years

    by: Grapewines

    I took my cat Sheba for her annual check up yesterday with Dr. Sue. I was taken care of within 10 minutes of my arrival, and we were back home shortly thereafter. I have been going to Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital for well over 30 years and have never been pressured to have anything done. Recommendations for tests and/or blood work have always been fully explained, a cost estimate provided, and it is always my choice as to whether or not I consent. I have never considered anything recommended to be a "ploy for more money..."; nor do I feel the costs for quality care to be excessive. I always request Dr. Sue because I've known her since she first started there many years ago, and I noted many improvements since she became the Hospital Administrator. The only time I've experienced a delay has been when an unexpected emergency case arrives which may cause a back-up; however, in the past 8 years or so I have not run into this problem. I have received nothing but quality, compassionate care for my furry family (present and past) whether it was a routine check-up or a serious, life-threatening illness. As for the traffic - it can be problematic. Just be smart - schedule appointments to avoid the rush hour and exiting the parking lot is relatively easy. I always recommend Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital to friends/relatives.


    Dr. Sue and her caring, knowledgeable staff


    Rush hour traffic - but it can be avoided.

  • 4. Dr. Sue is the best!

    by: debbieandbob

    Dr Sue is the only vet we see at this hospital. She is very caring and unlike some other vets, she does not push unnecessary expensive tests.


    good location and caring staff


    need to be more consistent in care

  • 5. Unneeded Tests

    by: crumpuppy

    When I had my 13 yr old dog they wanted me to have geratric blood test done for $55. I told them what do you think you will learn from it I already know that my dog is old, deaf, losing fur & had a catarac. What else is there to know? The only wanted more $$$$$ from us.




    In it for the money

  • by: wickes14

    Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital is a wonderful place to take your pets. I have two cats and the doctors there are wonderful. The doctors and staff are very friendly and willing to to that extra mile to make you feel comfortable. Appointments are very easy to make as they are willing to accomodate anyone.


    Very knowledgable doctors


    Location is loud because it is near the airport.