Chautauqua Park

900 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Gorgeous

    by: Elineen

    This is really a beautiful place and it's fun for the dogs.


    scenic, fun


    nothing really

  • 2. hiking

    by: usumi

    I like this when people who understand how dogs play are there. I like it when dogs wrestle and play fight and when they have a chance to figure out if they can dominate another dog. It's fun for the dogs, gives them good exercise and gives them a chance to really be dogs.





  • 3. As long as the poop fairy has been by....

    by: Ogre

    I think it's great- no, it's appropriate, that guardians clean up after their dogs- but many, many people leave the bags sitting next to the trail, thinking the poop fairy will come along and leave a quarter. Alas, it doesn't work that way. Humans have to pick up the bags to put in the trash and they don't get a quarter for it, just the knowledge they're behaving properly.\n\nThe area is great though- especially for obedient dogs who have voice recall. Mine are always working on that, throughout their entire lives- but I always have Northern Breeds who are often smarter than the humans around us.


    great open space


    bags of poop along the trail

  • 4. Dogs Love It and So Do I!

    by: macita183

    My dogs love going hiking at Chatequa! It's a great change of pace for them. The only negative thing I've encountered is dogs half way down the trail with their owners not paying attention. One of my dogs is not a huge fan of meeting other dogs while she is on a leash and there has been some growling exchanged. Other than the occasion inattentive owner, this place is amazing!


    Scenic, Lots of space


    Unsupervised dogs