Chatauqua county humane society

2825 strunk rd
Jamestown, NY 14701

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great shelter in area!

    by: Ashley0722

    I have adopted from this shelter 3 times already and everytime was great until i recently went in. The animals seemed to be very well taken care of but the staff there was not very helpful. I was trying to ask questions about a few of the animals there and both staff members were to busy in something else. Needless to say I ended up leaving and when I returned the following week both animals I was looking into had been adopted. I know this shelter is needing the makeover but with staff treating me like that I hope the treat the animals better.


    Clean cages


    Staff was short handed, not outgoing.

  • 2. Not helpful and quite abrupt

    by: Redrover

    I have been to many SPCA's in the western NYS area and northeastern PA searching for a second dog. I have gone to this SPCA several times and have yet to be greeted by any staff member at the main building. Once I was told to go to the holding center where the attendant immediately told me twice in a not so friendly voice that I couldn't touch or have an attendant take out any animals from their runs without filling out an adoption form. I responded by telling her that I only wanted to view the animals so she accompanied me into the area where I did see one dog that caught my attention however she immediately told me that he had been adopted when he first came into the center. Yet, this same person told me when I first entered the area that all the dogs were adoptable. Needless to say I left rather disgruntled but seeing that she had another family waiting I said nothing. I also cannot understand why this area has so few dogs when all the other SPCA's have their runs overflowing. It makes me wonder where all the dogs in this area are going to???


    Clean, animals seemed to be well kept, nice volunteers


    Staff not helpful, rude and where are all the dogs?

  • 3. Best in the County

    by: pmdmaz

    The 2 best dogs in the world came from the Humane Society, granted one is a little crazy but we still love her! The Humane Society does a great job, we love the Walk for Paws event and my 3 year old loves collecting pennies for Paws. Support your local shelter!


    5 minutes away



  • 4. best dog gone pet shelter in the area

    by: tracytjjock

    Not only does this shelter take care of animals and adoptions, but they also take time to care about animals in homes with families with question. I know if I have a question about something going on with my pets that I can call and ask and they will answer to the best of their knowledge and advise on a Vet if that is what they feel is necessary to keep my pets healthy. They really are great.


    clean, friendly, helpful, understanding, caring


    there are no cons for this shelter