Charlevoix area humane society

614 beardsley street
Boyne city, MI 49712
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great Humane Society

    by: wingnut159

    This is a great humane society that really cares about the animals. I know because I'm a current volunteer. I see they put a lot of effort into making the animal's lives enjoyable while they search for a new forever home.


    they're kind to the animals


    sometimes, not kind to the volunteers

  • 2. my opinion of the humane socity

    by: awsome642

    I know that the humane socity is a very great area to adopt a pet and grow to like it, i should know, i was a vollenteer there twice before, and i always found a dog i really liked real fast while i walked the dogs. My first time, i was seven so I don't know the name of the dog that i liked the most from then, but my second time was just before school started. I began to like Jeeves and Rizzo very fast and I could tell they liked me as Jeeves would jump onto me in the middle of walks and Rizzo would roll onto her back and not roll back onto her feet until you would rub her tummy (yes, all the dogs I started to like are now gone, but my resorces aka my sister, isnt very good). I also saw many times when people saw me walking them and asked if they were mine. I would always say i wish. They said that it would make sence, as i am a dog person, and the dogs normally are all over me when the person asks. If i could go back to the humane socity today, however, i would do it in a heartbeat to go back and help out the humane socity again, as i really enjoy it. If I had a picture of Jeeves and Rizzo, I would post a pic on here and let everyone know the dogs I really like. This is all the things I really know about the humane socity, because I don't remember much about the cat section. Cya zootooers


    makes it easy to find the perfect pet


    slight possiblilty the pet won't like you

  • 3. A Great Humane Society

    by: dudleydolittle

    This Humane Society has very caring and hard working staff and I am proud to be a volunteer there. We clean the floors everyday and if any animal bed looks out of shape or dirty we change it or put it back together. We need a lot of help though, we have been getting a lot of animals and we are starting to run out of space for them. There are many loving animals in there, some look rough, wild, and mean, but really they all are sweethearts and they all deserve great homes. All the staff are dedicated to helping the animals and are trying their hardest to help addopt animals out. So if you live near by the Charlevoix County Humane Society and would like a partner that will stay by your side, please come to us, you'll be sure to find the one you've been looking for. (I love every dog and cat there, might be worth while to check it out.)


    Charlevoix County Humane Society


    Animals working hard to get a new forever home!

  • 4. great place lots of happy animals

    by: sweetamanda84

    I was only in once and wanted to take every animal home but my husband intervened. They spayed our cat that ran away, but when the kittens needed to be fixed in a few months I will be contacting the Charlevoix county humane society.


    very friendly, lots of happy animals