Chappell's large animal hospital

940 e chappell rd
Rock hill, SC 29730

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  • 1. The best vet that I have ever known

    by: dnana1969

    I have had a few vets that have lost their ability to use their hearts in their work, but not Johnny. To some of them it has become more about the money, buy not Johnny. He is the most caring vet that I have seen. He is straight forward & very honest but in a tactful way. Most of the time when he comes to your place, he is seeing you at your worst & somehow he manages to make you laugh before he leaves. He cares enough that he comes as soon as you call & calls several times to check up on your horse. It seems like everytime that I need him it is his day off but he doesn't care he will be there ASAP. As long as he has a practice he will be the only one that I will call. I am very funny about my pets & He knows this. While he has other Drs. at his practice he is always the 1 to call or come out to my place. He also treats you like he has known you all his life even if he just met you yesterday...he is the best in my book.


    He is the most honest & caring vet I have ever known


    haven't found anything neg about him yet