Chaparral Park

5401 North Hayden Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Social spot for dogs and dog lovers with dog friendly facilities

    by: lalagimp

    I took my dog out to Chaparral today and she's the kind of dog that just wants to sit on her butt all day with me. There is a wide variety of dogs and dog people that come out and even though she wasn't really interested in the other animals, the people there were very welcoming to her wanting to go say hi and sit with them. It felt nice to have a local environment that I can go leashless and hang out with my dog and other dogs. There are several water fountains on the grounds, with a dog drinking bowl underneath and lots of potty stations for mutt mits and disposal. Plenty of parking, not feeling too nestled into the city and many other areas for other people who may not want to just go free range with their dogs. There are two sections, one marked "active" and one marked "passive". I had a great experience.


    Very easy to navigate too pet section around the park


    As with most landscaping in arizona, not much greenery in the play-yard


    by: spoileddogz

    THis is a horrible dog park!!! I cannot believe, oh wait yes I can, this park is in Snotsdale...People bring there laptops & starbucks & NEVER pay attention to the dogs...They dress like they are going to a nite club, its very clicky or no one talks at all..


    an off leash park


    small areas

  • 3. Great Park

    by: wingogirl

    This park is large and has lots of room for the dogs to play, as well as rocks and such for them to sniff around & climb (in the small dog section). There is plenty of seating for the humans.


    Great park, good water facilities & well maintained


    Not close from my home in Phoenix