Central vermont humane society

504 mekkelsen hill road
Barre, VT 05461
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Friendly!

    by: Lukacallie

    This was a great experience for my family. We went, we fell in love and the staff did everything they could to help us bring home our newest family member quickly and painlessly. I check out their website at least twice a week to see news, incase I see a pet that would be a great match for a friend or family member, I just love checking out the new pets and seeing that others have been adopted.\r\n


    Friendly Staff, Healthy Animals


    Small Building:(

  • 2. A Caring Vermont Shelter

    by: ztT4MP34695433

    I think this is a very caring, wonderful shelter. The staff encourages people to come and spend time with the animals, helping to socialize them and help them feel loved. The staff appreciates how important it is for their animals to find the right home. They get to know the animals and have posted very accurate descriptions of them. The staff goes out of their way to try to help stray animals, even feral cats, to find a home that will be right for them.


    a very caring staff! wonderful animals!


    a bit cramped for space

  • 3. Wonderful experience!

    by: LiviO

    When adopting my forever friend, the staff was very kind and caring. The animals in the shelter were well-cared for.\n\nAs with any organization such as this, volunteers, donations, any type of extra help would serve the animals at the shelter more and more!


    Caring staff, well cared for animals


    small space

  • 4. Nice people and caring place

    by: Kat105

    I volunteered for the last walk for the shelter and had fun..they're a nice group of people and all the animals seemed well cared for.


    takes in strays


    shelter is too small

  • 5. Small but working

    by: works4theanimals

    When visiting family in this area I had a chance to see this shelter. It is small but seems to be well run and caring.





  • 6. OK

    by: kianasmile

    \r\n \r\nAll of the staff is nice somtimes ignorant but most the time intelligent and are alert


    lovely animals


    hard location