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Leander, TX 78641
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User Reviews (15)

  • 1. CTSPCA is awesome!

    by: Cookcpup

    I can't say enough wonderful things about the CTSPCA, the staff and volunteers! They are a dedicated group that is an asset to the community and even more importantly, the pets in need of love, care and forever homes! They can always use volunteers and financial donations since it's a non-profit NO-KILL shelter. Find out for yourself and visit CTSPCA!


    Too numerous to list



  • 2. Excellent small shelter with great staff!

    by: billjake

    We got Kiki and MinouMinou, two awesome cats with one simple and friendly visit to Central Texas SPCA. Kiki was in a pretty small cage, but the staff/volunteers had constructed cat hammocks and done all they could to keep her happy. She was not content. She reached out, grabbed my arm and said, ""You WILL adopt me"". So we did. She has ruled the house since. Then we saw a Minou, a 6 month old gorgeous white kitten with one blue eye and one green, that had just been found, sunburned and skinny. We took them both and the CTSPCA were great to work with. I enjoy their newsletter and have continued to support them for almost ten years, despite being a volunteer at Austin Humane Society.


    Doing a lot with little; good staff and volunteers


    limited facilities;

  • 3. Great place to find a special friend

    by: Ccollins

    The Central Texas SPCA is a small shelter, but the environment is just great for pets staying there while waiting for their forever home. The cats are on one side of the shelter, relaxing to some classical music. The dogs are on the other side, they sleep inside at night and have plenty of room during the day in the outside kennels. Volunteers come and spend time with the animals, cuddling the cats and walking the dogs. This gives them a chance to interact with humans and become more adoptable. Some animals come to the shelter afraid of people, but many overcome this fear. This is a great place to volunteer or adopt an animal. Come and see the shelter!!


    Pets are treated like family, caring staff, great adoption fees



  • 4. I love central texas spca

    by: kins09

    I love central texas spca, when I started volunteering I couldn`t get enough of this place. What the staff and volunteers do for these animals is amazing, and each person really does put in a lot of hard work to care for each of the lovely pets staying at the spca. It is not very big, but it does have room for many different dogs and cats. The thing I love the most is the fact that it is NO KILL SHELTER. It is the not closest shelter to my house, but I am whilling to drive the distance to spend my time with these loving animals that deserve the chance to live and find a happy home, something only this shelter offers around this stretch of town.


    It is no-kill.


    It is not the biggest, best shelter around.

  • 5. Incredible dedication and devotion--

    by: Charise

    I have been to many shelters--every animal companion that has ever shared my home has come from a shelter. Never have I seen such dedication and love from a group of people--most of whom are unpaid volunteers--as those who work at this shelter. The indoor facilities are cramped, but the human facilities are tiny so the residents have more room. The cats live in habitats with "roommates" instead of alone in cages. The dogs have individual kennels inside and huge play yards with covered decks (cabanas) and a spacious park in which to walk outside. The shelter is run by donations--money, goods and services--and even many of the non-animal related supplies and services are donated. This place is truly a shelter that love built.


    dedicated and knowledgeable staff and volunteers


    indoor facilities need serious remodel

  • 6. From a volunteer

    by: JaneS1

    The shelter has a small, but knowledgeable staff, is very active in the community with adoption events, has a dedicated group of volunteers, and serves a very critical need in the area. I have volunteered there for >4 years, and it's one of the highlights of my week! Because it's a no-kill shelter, dogs and cats are carefully selected for their adoptability, and there is a quick turnover in available pets.


    excellent care, careful adoptions


    very old facilities in need of updating

  • 7. wonderful shelter

    by: matt157

    I volunteer at the shelter and the staff is friendly and can find a great match for you, they have a nice shelter and have dogs and cats adopted all the time, it's a great place and overall very nice


    great dogs and cats, wonderful staff, people who care



  • 8. Central Texas SPCA is tops!

    by: DiSeer

    I've been a CTSPCA volunteer for four years. I had never volunteered before so I didn't really know what to expect...I have to say that it's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. \r\n\r\nI've met so many wonderful people (both volunteers, donors and visitors) and of course, there are our precious babies...the doggies and kitties make you smile everytime you see them and the smiles on the people who come visit them and adopt them are just priceless. \r\n\r\nI adopted two of my kitties from the CTSPCA, Wheeler and then Elvis a few months later. They, along with Cleo who was a stray that adopted us, bring us joy everyday. \r\n\r\nIf you are looking for a place to volunteer or if you are looking to complete your Forever Family, then the Central Texas SPCA is the place to go! \r\n\r\n


    Very caring and well-run



  • 9. A great place to volunteer or adopt a pet

    by: dklinecp

    My son and I started to volunteer at the shelter 6 years ago and though he has become a teen and now an adult, I have remained a shelter volunteer because the place is like a second home. When my dog passed 2 years ago, I took the opportunity to be part of the foster program and spend some quality time at home with needy dogs who for medical or social reasons shouldn't be in the shelter environment. It has been a great experience and I love all the dogs.


    The staff really gets to know the animals, a no kill shelter


    The facilities are small and a patchwork of fixes (money is focused on the animals, as it should be)

  • 10. Animals and People both love this shelter!

    by: Bonsai

    This shelter located in the North Austin community of Leander has consistently taken in animals of all stripes (no pun intended) and have worked to place them into the right home. It's no-kill shelter that really cares about each dog and cat that passes its doors, and the terrific staff understand the qualities each pet brings. I've witnessed some amazingly compassionate moments by the people of this shelter, and have had the opportunity to volunteer in various fundraising activities. Money is tight for all shelters, but it has never cut into the quality they have given to the animals they take in. I have such respect for the hard workers who spend their time (and free time) for the benefit of our small furry friends at the Central Texas SPCA! It's a clean and happy place for both workers and animals alike!


    educated and intelligent staff, happy animals


    they need more funds to help more animals

  • 11. What a wonderful place to find a forever friend

    by: Shausen

    I love this shelter! The animals are well cared for and the staff is friendly and knowledgable. Central Texas SPCA not only takes amazing care of the shelter pets, they also spend a lot of time do ing community outreach. This years Barktober Fest was awesome and the Halloween Pet Costume contest with the local library may have been small but was still a huge a lot of fun for all. I highly recommed this shelter to anyone looking for a special furry friend!


    you can immediatly tell that these animals are all loved and cared for!



  • 12. Comfortable shelter

    by: dogcrazy75

    You can tell this a privately owned shelter the moment you step into the place. It has a very home-like environment for the animals. The cats and dogs are in separate parts of the shelter, which is very nice. The cats have towers to climb and comfortable beds to sleep in. The inside dog area is nice, they have blankets, beds, and toys in their kennels. The dogs go outside during the day where most have plenty of room to play, some have kiddie pools to relax in on a hot, summer day. Most of the dogs are paired up with a buddy, which is also nice to see they are being socialized. All the animals here seem to be WELL looked after, so I would definitely recommend going to check them out!


    Animals look comfortable while waiting for homes


    Small, not much of a variety of bigger dogs

  • 13. Fantastic Shelter!

    by: neploxo

    When my stepfather died and my mother was unable to take care of her cats, CTSPCA took them in and found wonderful homes for all of them. I had only been in one other animal shelter, and I was VERY impressed with how much cleaner and friendly CTSPCA was.


    Comfortable, friendly, love animals, very clean, no kill



  • 14. Unique Adoption Facility

    by: equustrainer

    The CTSPCA has an amazing facility with a unique feel and setup. The dogs are crated at night and come in and out during the day with large pens for small groups and individual dogs. They have a large and dedicated volunteer program (several of them have volunteered for 5 - 10 years!) While it does take a few days to adopt after submitting an application, it's all in the pet's best interest. They check veterinary history and personal references to ensure the pet is going to its ideal home. All pets leave spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, as well as with 30 days of free health insurance with the option of continuing. I highly recommend checking out CTSPCA for your next family member!


    Healthy pets, knowledgeable staff, great follow-ups


    Adoption process takes 4 - 5 days

  • 15. An Amazing No-Kill Shelter

    by: WalksWithWolves

    I've worked for the Central Texas SPCA and I must say that they keep the animals needs a top priority!\r\n\r\nThe animal caregivers take their jobs very seriously and they are people friendly people.\r\n\r\nThey carefully screen any and all potential adopters in order to match them with a pet that will best fit into the home and family schedules. The woman that manages this shelter is dedicated, knowledgeable, and has been with the shelter for many years.\r\n\r\nPeace ~ Out\r\nTeresa\r\[email protected]


    No-Kill, Excellent Staff, Excellent Volunteeers, Great Adoption Program


    Limited Space