Central Pennsylvania Veterinary Rehabilitation Center

920 E Main St.
Palmyra, PA

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  • 1. If your dogs need help, this is the place

    by: ladygirl1

    We adopted our Molly from the vet connected with this clinic. She was in a bad situation and was flea and tick infested, had mange and a broken leg when she was only 12 weeks old. The previous owners wanted her put down, but her took her. He worked with her for amonth with electrotherapy and underwater treadmills to strengthen her leg. He medicated and bathed her to treat the fleas, tick and mange. We were lucky enough to have the privilege to have her as a forever pet. Due to the treatment from this clinic you would never knw she ever had any problems, her leg is as strong as ever and she had a beautiful show quality coat. These people are fantastic and truly care about your pet.


    Knowledgable and up to date equipment and a caring staff