Central illinois small animal rescue (cisar)

29738 east 1400 north road
Colfax, IL 61728
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. They're TRYING to do the right thing..

    by: WarPony

    CISAR's shelter - in my opinion was a dirty barn filled with indoor and outdoor kennels and cages. They place was filled with different odors including feces, open sores on some of the dogs ears and legs and regurgitated food. They had multiple dogs in each kennel - they had moderate space to roam in their kennels but some of the dogs they had places in each cage didn't get along with the other dogs it was housing with. The place is chaotic and unorganized. I had a young man take out a dog I was thinking about adopting (and still am...) and as soon as that dog was out of the cage there were 3-4 dog fights in the cages down the line. One small pug/mini pincher mix actually tried climbing the fence to get away from the rough action and got itself caught in the chain link. It took two workers to get him free.. The grass isn't mowed very well half the time and when I led my potential adoptee out in the grass away from the other dogs I was getting eaten up by chiggers and other critters that house themselves in tall grass. The overall experience was stress full. When we actually went into the building to take a tour there was nobody there to assist us.. we had to tour through an 'Employee Only' are for 10 minutes before we found someone else who could help us. I do believe their hearts are in the right place. I also think this shelter is taking on WAY more than they can handle. The way the shelter is run and the way some of the dogs look makes me want to rescue all of them from the rescue shelter! It's the only thing holding me back from actually adopting..


    They have their hearts in the right place


    Dirty, Stinks, sickly dogs.

  • 2. Animal Care and No-Kill Facility

    by: DNeill1

    My family adopted a small dog several years ago. He was Hurricane Katrina survivor that was scheduled for euthanasia at another shelter when CISAR took him. The staff at CISAR cared for him, and nursed him back to health - they even continued care after we adopted him. I am appalled by kill-shelters who hold such little regard for life. I am eternally grateful to CISAR for rescuing my Sammy.


    Caring staff, No-Kill facility, top-notch - Low-Cost Vet Care


    Needs more support

  • 3. The Few Providing for the Many

    by: blueye

    I have been working with CISAR for quite a while now and for about 4 months on a very consistent routine. I have gained experiences that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I have gained knowlegde that has helped me to appreciate animals that I never had before, and a love of those who love animals. Plus a calling in life that I never knew I could do or enjoy . CISAR has worked very hard and given much to become what it is today. It has saved the lives of thousands of animals and still comes back wanting to do more. Pat and Gary saw a need and took care of it. They have given their lives to CISAR. They give every ounce of what they have and still find ways to give more. They have a bare bones staff that does an amazing job, and gets it done. They deal with conditions that make people cringe to go into and love it, they love the animals. They love what they do and do it until they are worn down to nothing every single day, and then come back and do it again the next day, with optimism none the less. But with all that we have done out there we still seem to be underappreciated by some. Dealing with the people that you wish you could slap upside the head and knock some sense in. People who think they know what they are talking about when they critique the efforts of CISAR or the "conditions" therein, but sit there and do nothing when they see that there is a need for effort not negativity. Every animal there has a name, has a personality, and has a LIFE. We know them, they are not some blank animal that we just give logging to. We love them and work our butts off to make sure they can go to a home and be a contributing part of the family. This being after they have been thrown away by a family possibly that same week. For someone to make a true comment on the conditions, treatment, status or nature of our hearts or actions without have the knowledge of what we actually do is ridiculous. We deal with dozens of new dogs that are unwanted, abused, aggressive, or forgotten. And we do it with a smile. Dealing with the worst treatment to some of Gods sweetest creations. Bitterness and malice are shunned and a outlook that all dogs are good, and that Humans screw them up is what we adopt with each dog that enters into CISAR. Like I said earlier, every animal there has a name, has a personality, and has a LIFE. Without us they wouldn't, PERIOD. No matter how many bad comments or reviews we take from people out there that think they know what they are saying, think they know the situations, and think they know better, WE are still the ones dealing with it, we are the ones taking ACTION and taking CARE of the situation. Not sitting back and watching it happen. Every last loving hand helps. If anyone has any HELPFUL input or improvements or feedback for us we would always love to hear them. If there is anyone who is tired of sitting back who would like to actually help our cause, come out and help us do it! Sincerely, BLUEYE


    Wide variety of breeds, knowledgable staff, hard workers, one of the best vets in the area.


    Considering everything, I will tell you when I find one!

  • 4. Please do not take your animals here or adopt!

    by: CharlieBrownsMommy

    I was shocked with this place. My dog was there for one week and I brought him home traumatized with fleas and infections in both eyes. He smelled so aweful I could not breathe on the ride home, I had all windows down in the dead of winter. He was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open; I don't think he slept at all. There are 300+ dogs kept in one BARN in kennels with 4-6 dogs per kennel. They are all barking constantly. They are confined to these kennels with concrete floors, some straw, and urine and feces everywhere. Being a barn, there are mice and other wild animals carrying disease through the place. After this experience I asked around with other people familiar with the place, including my groomer and Vet. They informed me the place is contantly being reported and investigated, no surprise (there was a Sheriff's Deputy there when I picked up my dog). PETCO won't allow their adoption bus in their parking lot anymore because of how horrible these animals are treated. When they get adopted, they are all so sick and filthy that most groomers in town refuse them. Many people have tried to return dogs with severe behavioral problems and the shelter refuses to refund. It is such a sad situation for these defenseless animals. I wish I could say these folks have good intentions, but I don't know how you could care about animals and allow them to live this way. It is no life at all. I beg you DO NOT support this shelter. The only way these animals can be saved is if this place shuts down and the animals are sent to real, attentive, caring shelters.


    Low cost vaccinations


    Horribly unsafe place for animals

  • 5. CISAR was great.

    by: iamjoel

    The people at CISAR asked me all the right questions. They helped me to determine what kind of pet was the right fit for me. They showed me a variety of dogs and assured me that when I took the one that I had chosen home, it was on a trial basis. They made it clear that I could call them with any questions that I may have. The only call I had to make was the one to tell them that the Siberian husky they had helped me choose was the perfect fit. I would recommend CISAR to anyone who is looking to adopt a pet.


    Understood my needs, answered my questions.


    None at all

  • 6. Very nice people, with great intentions!

    by: robertbutler

    We adopted Stormy and teddy from this shelter. \r\n\r\nThis poor lady , on one of the hottest days of the summer, had a dog get out and was chasing after it , when most people would not have went as far as this lady did. She had a passerby who happened to be a pretty fit young gal, run the dog down and got the dog back for her. \r\n\r\nThey seem to have the best intentions and just like most animal shelters could be alot better with more help and more funding, but isn't that the case for everyone. \r\n\r\nMy wife feels strongly that some earlier reviews were harsh and unfair and I would have to agree with her. \r\n\r\nKeep up the good work Pat and Garrie


    They have the best intentions and huge hearts for animals!


    just like most shelters, not enough help and resources

  • 7. Pat & Garrie are GREAT people

    by: BabeMollyJaxMommy

    I cannot say enough to Pat & Garrie Burr and the volunteers at CISAR. If it wasn't for CISAR, my Molly would probably be dead.\r\n\r\nWhen I met Molly, she was a stray, who roamed the neighborhood around my work. She was very scared, skinny and shy. For weeks I watched her run the streets of downtown Peoria and avoid being caught many many times by animal control. At first, there wasn't much I could do, she didn't trust anybody, probably from the abuse and neglect she suffered from the hands of her original owner. Eventually I started to feed her, but she still did not trust me. We went on like this for about a year, when unfortunately Molly became pregnant. None of the other shelters could help us either because she was a pit bull mix, or they didn't have the resources. I couldn't load Molly into a car and take her anywhere because she did not trust me enough.\r\n\r\nI searched and with the referral of TAPS, I found CISAR. They said give us two weeks, and we will take her. Well, the babies didn't want to wait that long. Exactly one day before Molly's two weeks were up, she gave birth to 8 babies on the COLDEST night of the year after a huge snow storm. I was devastated and sure that they would all die. When I got to work the next day, she had taken shelter in a container we had on our grounds and wouldn't let anybody near her. I threw food in to her so she could eat. I called Pat and Garrie and they never once hesitated and said we will be there right away. They asked their friends from Wedrose Acres to come, and within a couple of hours they were there, Molly and the babies were kenneled up and on their way to food and shelter.\r\n\r\nNow, once again we had a dog that somebody owned but never took care of or had spayed, and now we have added to the overpopulation. CISAR took care of Molly and her pups, and for a while I drove 1 hour to the shelter and back once a week to help volunteer. I never thought Molly could find a home because she was so scared and untrusting, and then one day while volunteering at the shelter, she actually wagged her tail at me, something I had NEVER seen her do.\r\n\r\nPat suggested I take her and work with her, and I was very reluctant because we had a small dog and didn't want any problems. But we decided to take her and work with her and it was the best decision I ever made. She is very loving and loves her little sister and now can have a good life with us because CISAR saved her.\r\n\r\nCISAR is overwhelmed, as with most animal shelters, and needs more volunteers. It may get messy, but I know from experience by volunteering there that they absolutely have every animal's interest at heart and would never put the animals in bad living conditions. Think of what kind of life these animals would have if somebody didn't help them. Being beaten and starved and eating garbage or whatever they could find surely couldn't be a better alternative.\r\n\r\nI commend CISAR for everything they do. I will never forget what they did for Molly and her six surviving pups. Thank you CISAR, and Pat and Garrie from the bottom of my heart!


    Big hearts


    Not enough help

  • 8. Animal Rescue needs help

    by: TeresaKline

    The lady that runs this shelter has wonderful intentions and is always helpful and wants no animals put down.She just needs more room and funding and help.


    Very nice caring people run the shelter


    Need a cleaner facility according to our transport team

  • 9. Needs better funding and more help

    by: teresabutler

    this place would have a be way better if someone would go in and clean the place up, more helpers , more money. I think they have taken on more than they can handle and do not have enough funding and not enough people to help them. The animals are probably aggressive because they do not get out and get exercise like they need. They just need someone who's got some connections or someone that can help them raise the funds. \r\n\r\n We adopted Stormy from this place. She seems pretty healthy to me. We also adopted a shihtzu from here as well. the dog was older than we were told, he had tapeworms and was just at the vet for neutering, so either the vet didn't check for worms or they didn't chose to treat him. I knew when I adopted him that he had them and just figured I'd be better for him than they would , I'd get him treated and he'd have a quieter home. He was inside a house with what sounded like a house full of dogs. these people are just probably way in over their heads, and had good intentions but just don't have the money to run like they should. \r\n\r\nI hope people will still consider adopting from them, though cause it would be a shame to leave adoptable animals here just because the place isn't pefect!


    Their trying


    not enough funding and helpers,

  • 10. the worst

    by: ckbubba48

    This is the worst place I have ever been to. Very very dirty, animals agressive, cats are to many in one room, birds flying around everywhere. Surgery room is not clean at all. I would not recommend this place to anyone.The animals there need to be saved from this place.





  • 11. Bad

    by: Loripoohbear48

    I went to this rescue to check it out and they let us do a tour. Well I was very unsatisfied with this place. They had sick dogs in the same place that the other dogs were and they were noticeably sick. One dog was so overweight that he could hardly walk and the girl that gave us the tour thought it was funny. The cat rooms upstairs were really bad. there were atleast 20-30 cats in one room. Thier surgery room had cats loose running around in it,living in there. I was very very unhappy with this place. I would never send any animal here, it would be the worst thing to do for the animal.