Center-Sinai Animal Hospital

10737 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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  • 1. Would not take any animals there!

    by: kc2la

    I took my cat there for a check up when I first moved to LA and the visit was fine. I assumed everything would be okay when I took in a feral cat from my office that I had trapped. I needed to get her fixed so she didn't have anymore litters (I'd already found homes for the last three of her kittens). I called ahead and explained that I had a feral cat that I was bringing in and they said it was okay. When I got there, they acted totally surprised that I had a feral cat. That didn't bode well, but I figured they would have it under control now that they had seen her and I left her to be spayed. When I went back to pick her up I was taken into the back room where they have the cages and a staff person just pointed at the cage and said "there she is." I explained that I couldn't just stick my hand into the cage and pick her up because she was a feral cat and scared. I asked if they at least had some of the long thick leather cat handling gloves and they said, that they didn't have any of those. The staff person suggested that I just put the carrier up next to the cage and she would go in when the door was opened. I said, "no, she'll jump over it and try to get away." He decided to do it anyway and as I predicted she jumped right over it and was then in a total panic jumping all over the room trying to get away. Another staff person came in and finally caught her in a net and stuffed her into a plastic box and then pumped gas into the box to knock her out long enough to pick her up and transfer her to the carrier. In her panic of trying to get away she ripped one of her claws and was bleeding by the time he stuffed her in the box to knock her out. I felt so horrible. It ended up being a ridiculously traumatic event for her when properly trained staff and equipment would have eliminated the whole mess. I will never take any animal to them again!


    easy location with parking


    poorly trained staff & lack of proper equipment