Cedarview Boarding & Grooming Kennel & Cattery

348 Jericho Road
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Happy tails

    by: egk74

    My pet always have a positive experience at Cedarview. When boarding was needed they were always first on my list. Current vaccinations are required which puts my mind at ease knowing they are concerned with health and safety. Grooming was also always a positive experience. I highly recommend this facility for boarding or grooming needs.


    great service


    a bit out of the way

  • 2. Don't ruin my dogs toy!

    by: ztT4MP95437232

    While Cedarview Kennel does an outstanding job as a boarding kennel and grooming salon, I am very upset right now with the fact they ruined my dogs toy for the second time. I had boarded my dog there previously and they had written her name on her toy in big horrible hand writing. I had bought her a new toy this time and wrote her name on the tag specifically so it would not be screwed up again... well someone wrote her name on it in bright blue marker. It looks like a first grader did it. Some people hold there houses to different standerds, I keep mine very neat and the dog toys always look nice. Next time I bring her in I will be sure to tell them to please not write on my dog toy. I much rather it be lost then spend $15 on a toy just to have it ruined by someone with sloppy hand writing and no regard for personal property!


    They are a wonderful bording facility and are grear with all animals!


    They ruined my dog's toy.