C.c.r.a. Bear Creek Nature Area

1615 Business Loop 70 West
Columbia, MO 65201

User Reviews (24)

  • 1. Hurray for the fenced in dog park!!

    by: leeverha

    I think the dogs have a great time playing w/all the other dogs, as this seems to be a pretty popular park for the furkids! I have 3 dogs and they enjoy all the sniffs they get in, plus the playtime, as there are many dogs w/whom they can romp! My biggest, a hound/Dane mix, does get wet, but I have towels and a small SUV, so it makes no difference to me, but it could hinder enjoyment for some dog owners. Overall, the setting is lovely, there is shade and water and lots of fun!


    I can let my Greyhound off leash since the park has a fence!


    small pond area

  • 2. Shyne loves this park!

    by: briellelea

    My little dog gets a bit overwhelmed at times with all the big dogs. But the owners who take their dogs here are very good about keeping a watchful eye on their pets.


    people actually pick up after their dogs!


    a bit small for all the dogs of Columbia

  • 3. Great fenced in dog park!

    by: kas2b6

    This is a great park! We love going there because it's close to the house, is fully fenced in, and is set in a really nice scenic area. They newly expanded parking is HUGE bonus - the old parking lot (all of 5 cars could fit there) would have been the only con, but that's not an issue anymore.


    Fully fenced, nice nature area surrounding it



  • 4. Nice park/area

    by: kbethel1

    Nice area that's easy to get to.


    Safe area



  • 5. Gone to the Dogs.

    by: andertt

    I don't have a Dog but we like to go there and watch people and their Dog's Play. It's a peaceful park and surrounded by trees. Thank you. Mary


    It' a pretty place to go.


    A little on the messy side.

  • 6. Nice park for your dogs

    by: prm7t3

    My dogs love this park. It nice for them to meet new friends. And its very clean, and I really enjoy going to the park


    Very nice.


    alot of people

  • 7. It is great

    by: MeganScott

    It is very close to my house, which makes it convenient and it is fenced in, so I don't have to worry about my dog getting out. She is a little bit of an escape artist. It is big enough for my dog Nikki to run like mad. It does tend to get muddy, but it gets a lot of action, so that is expected.


    It is fenced in


    It can be very muddy

  • 8. Nice and natural

    by: rmccullem

    This area is more of a natural "nature" area. Definitely plan on bringing towels and something to cover your seats with. They have a nice fenced in area for dogs to run around in. When we lived in the area we could walk there, the grass wasn't completely grown in and our dogs were a mess by the time we would leave. They loved it though and it wore them out. It is a nice area to go walk around in though, with or without your pet.


    Great open area for the dogs to run.


    Dogs are going to get messy, muddy and wet.

  • 9. Nice little park for short play

    by: ozy

    This park is located right on Bear Creek trail that runs east-west from Oakland park in the east to Cosmo park in the west part of town. The trail length between these two entry points is approx. 4.8 miles. I love walking this trail since it starts not far from where I live. The Bear Creek dog park itself is located about midway between Oakland park and Cosmo park. The park is fully fenced-in, which allow dog owners to let their pets off the leash to play and run around. There is a little pond in the park, but the water is rather dirty and too small for my dog to play fetch in the water. Currently, the trail is partially closed due to road construction. The closed section starts near the CMHS shelter location between mile marker 3. I used to take my dog walking on this trail all the way to the Bear Creek dog park (about 3.2 miles total one way). Now we have to take a long detour due to the construction.


    Fenced in, next to a nice nature trail


    Lake too small and often dirty, limited running area.

  • 10. Bear Creek Trails Never Ending

    by: tgsfire

    Great trail, never know where it ends, but I know where it begins.


    Endurance Run


    Can never find where it ends

  • 11. not so fun

    by: maedke

    I feel the same about this one as I do about twin lakes. Same feel only even smaller!!


    fenced for dogs with wanderlust


    small area. not enough trees and woods, no trails etc.

  • 12. Fun Times

    by: PuppyFashionista

    It's close to home, so we go there a couple of times per week. The younger one likes it, but she always turns from white to brown every time we go. I prefer the size and options of Twin Lakes, but this is a good option if you live on the north side of Col.





  • 13. Great dog park

    by: jsjkbrowningmo

    This is a great park to securely let your dog play and socialize with people. Depending on how rambunctious your pet is, be prepared for bath time after you get home. A good spot to meet other dog owners.


    Safe and fun environment for play, easy to get to


    can be a little muddy after rain or snow

  • 14. A great park

    by: Michellejesse

    This is a great palce to take your dogs and not have to worry about them running off.


    Fenced in



  • 15. Dogs only

    by: mikebellman

    Do not also bring your leash-trained cat. This will be a mistake.


    Fun for water dogs


    Out of the way

  • 16. Fun for all my pets!

    by: AmandaCMHS

    I like this because it is fully fenced and my pet can run off lots of energy!


    fully fenced area



  • 17. great park

    by: gabbygale17

    Great park! Tons of fun for dogs!


    dog loves the water



  • 18. happy hour for dogs

    by: seestersu

    my dogs love to go to the dog park. Grace loves to chase the ball into the pond or out into the trees. it is always a great place to meet other dog lovers.


    it is a great size


    it could use more shade and another picnic table

  • 19. great park

    by: akniki

    My animals LOVE this park!! There is plenty of room to run, lots of playful dogs, and a pond to swim in. I have fun talking with the other pet owners. Great experience through and through!!





  • 20. Family fun!!

    by: Ihearthuskies

    I love this park and so do my adopted animals and all my fosters! It is completely fenced in and has a nice sized pond in the middle for the dogs to swim and play in. Only problems I have with the park is that it can get cold for the owners when its windy...there are only a few trees that are large enough to protcet us from the conditions.


    completely fenced in



  • 21. Dog park-North Columbia

    by: mab7b2

    Be prepared to take home a few wet dogs if you take your loves to Bear Creek dog park. The dogs have so much fun romping about in their large, fenced field. It also includes a pond for dog swimming, benches for watching the pups play, and an awesome (free!) doggy bag station to encourage people to pick up after their pets. An overall great place!


    not too busy, nice community, worry-free, completely fenced


    muddy in the winter/rainy season

  • 22. Our favorite park!

    by: jschlosser

    We love Bear Creek. It's such a great park, and there are always really great dogs (and owners) there. The only slight problem I have is when folks let their dogs run across the ice in the winter - that can be extremely dangerous for your pet!


    Fully fenced in



  • 23. Ashton seems to love it

    by: sspergicdsk

    ashton enjoys it, nice, clean, lots of space




    ashton enjoys it

  • 24. great trail along with the dog park

    by: ccoop11

    we love this park!! my pug loves to romp around the pond and lay under the trees leash free! the trail leading to the park is a great little walk... gets your pets excited whenever they see the other dogs playing


    enclosed, leash free, nice trail leading to


    others out of control dogs