Catzablanca cat clinic & hospital

2096 silas deane highway
Rocky hill, CT 06067
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Pricey but the only cat specialists in the area

    by: KMyshrall

    My cat was driving me crazy and tearing herself apart scratching herself and throwing up constantly. After trying 7 different prescription foods, steroid shots, and 3 different vets, I brought her to Catzablanca seeing as they are feline specialists. \nIt was a much more comfortable environment for both myself and my kitty. She wasn't being scared by dogs coming in and the waiting room has couches, a cat tree, and toys so that you can let your baby play while you wait. \nI was never left waiting long and every staff member I encountered was very nice. \nThey haven't quite "fixed" my cat as she still scratches quite a bit, but she is doing much better after running an allergy panel and putting her on a new prescription diet and a years worth of allergy shots. \nThey are a little more expensive than the other vets in the area but I think it's worth it.


    Cat's only, cosy waiting area with cat play area, friendly staff