Cattitude inc

Po box 4732
Highland park, NJ 08904

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  • 1. Sick

    by: Cronmoax

    These are really sick people. I haven't dealt with them directly but they have caused a close friend of mine a great deal of pain. I would suggest that they work on their person skills. Just because you love cats and insane amount does not mean it is okay to walk all over human beings. It is by no means okay to make a person feel guilty for returning a cat when the cat had a legitimate issue and need to be re-homed. Also, taking anti-declawing to the level of anti-abortion is just downright scary (see their website). The surgery is unnatural, yes...but barbaric? Not so much. When it is performed by responsible and caring vets, it works out perfectly fine. Every cat that I know that's been declawed is EXACTLY THE SAME AS HE/SHE WAS BEFORE THE SURGERY. Trust me. It works out. I love animals, but when you start to disregard the feelings of the humans that care for them, you've gone too far and it's time to take a good look at yourself. This organization is completely unprofessional. If there is any chance at all that you may make a mistake at some point in your life regarding a cat, do not deal with Cattitude. They are apparently flawless individuals who will make you feel like crap for doing what is best for you and the cat. Seriously...sick.