Cato Pet Hospital

1001 Gee Street
Jonesboro, AR 72401

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  • 1. Best Veternarian Hospital I Have Been To Yet

    by: LoveMy6Babies

    I did not know at the time that this Veternaian Hospital was just down the road from a Vet that I use to take some of my dogs to. After becoming an owner of multiple dogs, the vet bills was getting expensive to where I couldn't really afford to take them to the vet like I was suppose to anymore. I came upon Catos' by chance, when I was looking in the phonebook trying to find the cheapest service possible. With the cost of office visits alone was alot when you have more than one dog, and to my suprise when Cato's doesn't charge an office visit as long as your pet gets their shots. That saved me 30.00 or more a dog on an office visit. Now anything other than your pet's shots may cost you an office visit. But if you bring them in for their shots, you don't get billed an office visit. I would recommend this Veternarian Hospital to everyone. They also seem to care about your pet as much as you do. When I had a question concerning my Gizmo, the phone was handed to Dr. Doyle, and he took the time to answer my question, with over the counter medicine to save me money and calm my concerns for my dog. And I wish there was more vets out there that does this and saves money in office visits too.


    Save money On Office Visits If your pet gets shots


    Prices of Flea Treatments kinda high