Catch N Fetch

790 Science Blvd
Gahanna, OH 43230

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  • 1. Boarding

    by: neenespice

    I had my dog boarded at this facility for 2 weeks. When I brought him in the man behind the desk was nice enough and explained everything to me. I could not see any of the facilities beyond the front lobby. There was a small monitor but I could not tell what was being viewed on it. The prices were ok and the other customers who were bringing dogs in far day care were known on a first name basis and seemed happy. The day of our return I received a phone call that there was something wrong with my dog. When we flew in we got there as soon as possible and saw that my dog was a stranger to us. He is a puppy and hard to handle and when we got him he acted like a feeble old dog. He peed when he saw us and proceeded to vomit and have an awful cough. Understandable to have a little kennel cough. However not understandable to have a rear paw the size of three paws. After a little blame game had been played they offered to take him to OSU Vet Hospital and pay for whatever had to be done. While explaining to the vet where the dog had been they admitted that boarding was not their main gig.I wish I had known that prior to bringing him there.My dog had been bitten by another dog at their facility and it created an abscess which then had to be drained and bandaged every 3 days. It has been months and the bill has not been payed. It makes me sad because they were nice people and seemed to be loyal and loving to their customers.


    Nice, prices are decent


    not a full boarding facility