Catalina Pet Hospital

3801 East Ft Lowell Road
Tucson, AZ 85716

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Wonderful stff

    by: Halvorson

    I used to go here when Dr. Percell was there. The staff was so sweet to my dog. I moved with Dr. Percell, but would go back again.


    Wonderful knowledgeable staff



  • 2. Quick and Easy

    by: Alice07

    I take my greyhound, Alice, to Dr. Maus and have thus far greatly appreciated her knowledge and fondness of Alice. Dr. Maus understands the subtleties surrounding retired racing greyhound health (from terrible teeth to risky anesthesia) and behavior (some greyhounds, though not mine, can be very weary of certain types of people). She also recommends alternative treatments for my dog, including treatments that would not financially benefit the vet office. Alice, of course, loves trips to the vet - the resident cat will always intrigue my never-seen-a-cat-before dog, and there are all kinds of smells to interpret. The office staff always love petting Alice and don't mind that she wanders around the office while I'm trying to pay the bill. Also, since there are three veterinarians at this hospital, it is easy to seek a second-opinion, if for some reason the situation calls for one. One down side is that I don't get the impression that any of the veterinarians here have any sort of specialty training (imaging specialist, infectious disease training, etc). However, Alice has not yet needed such specialty services.


    Fast, simple service with three on-site vets


    specialty training?

  • 3. 25 years of awesome service

    by: ingridbalsa

    After 25 years of having Dr. E as the family vet I can say he has provided all of our animals with outstanding care. He is extremely knowledgable and listens to the animal owner. I can't imagine trusting my animals health care to anyone else.


    Very central, all questions answered.


    APpointments can run late