Cat Haven

2100 8th Ct S
Birmingham, AL 35205

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  • 1. Always good service

    by: licon

    I always look for a cat-only vet for my cats, as this way I know I'll get someone who both knows what they're doing and likes cats. The Cat Haven is a wonderful example of this.\n\nThey have a number of practice cats, including cats, kittens and catlings up for adoption, good business hours (including early opening, late closing and a part-day on Saturdays) and a great attitude with all the animals. I've never had a problem with them. Appointments are always kept on time, charges are both reasonable and never a surprise, they never force treatment or push you into anything unnecessary, and they genuinely care about the health of my cats. (Sounds obvious, but I've been to vets before who obviously didn't really care.)\n\nIn short, I can't recommend them enough. All of my cats go there, and I'll be using them to adopt some more in future.


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