Cat Connection

14233 Inwood Rd.
Dallas, TX

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  • 1. don't bother

    by: ztT4MP83450583

    I will never return!!! They hurt my daughters feelings and didn't even talk to her about her cat!!!I guess they don't like young adults. My daughter is 15yrs. She tryed to talk to the girl at the register but she totally ignored her.


    they acted like they knew everything about cats but I wasn't very impressed by any of thestaff.VERY rude to the point of argument about THEIR point of viewthere.


    They had nice things to sell but the staff didn't even actknowledge me and my daughter!!!She was so upset.She had been wanting to ge for so long.when they did finnally speak to us it was to ring up our sale and throw it in a bag and continue talking to each opther