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Virginia, IL 62691
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User Reviews (15)

  • 1. WARNING

    by: Trishness

    I am outraged! Cass Veterinarian Clinic is not a safe place to take your pets! I know a lot of people go there because of the prices but let me tell you this ... you get what you pay for! Please explain to me why they would want to do 2 surgeries on a 17 year old dog that has lost 20% of his body weight in less that a year with out doing blood work? Better yet pain meds and antibiotics "if necessary"? your cutting a hole in this dog but he may not need pain meds i guess. and and lets see no blood work how do they even know its safe to put him under to do the surgery? Thats right they can't because they were not gonna make sure he was healthy enough for it! they are not concerned about the weight loss either!! Spending the extra money is worth keeping your pet safe and healthy! Most clinics accept CareCredit so if you cant afford it please look into using CareCredit or every month save a few extra $ for your pets check ups!!!


    cheap service (you get what you pay for)


    they don't do the proper test to ensure your pets health

  • 2. The ONLY clinic I will take my pets to

    by: tator

    The staff is very friendly and they provide excellent care. I had an emergency situation on a weekend a few months ago with one of my dogs. Withing 5 minutes of leaving a message, Dr. Dan returned my call. I would like to recommend this clinic to anyone who lives in the central Illinois area.\r\nRhonda


    Friendly staff, convenient location


    Sometimes it is hard to schedual an appointment

  • 3. Wonderful Clinic

    by: jensman12003

    wife and I take all of our pets to this clinic and wouldnt have it anyother way, Dr Wildt is the best vet around!


    Caring Staff and reasonable prices!


    isnt any cons


    by: jaden4231980

    I drive an hour to see them for all my pets needs and health care! Wouldn't have it any other way, they are the best around and have been there though thick and thin with me... I recommend them to every pet and anyone who wants there pet to have the Best of care for reasonable prices!!!


    Best prices and wonderful staff!!!


    Theres not a Con you can come up with on them!

  • 5. caring for the abandoned

    by: SandyReedy

    i have taken several of my foster kittens to this facility. they work with our organization, pets without parents, and are always willing to see our animals, with or without an appontment. my sick kitties have always been make well by these vets, and we as an organization are very grateful for their services


    always willing to see our shelter animals


    busy and in a huirry sometimes

  • 6. Caring, compassionate and passionate people

    by: carrieemoore

    I have been using Cass Vets for probably 5 years now. I first got to know them because they offered a TERRIFIC discount for services to the rescue group I was with. I was so impressed with their service, knowledge, compassion, and flexibility that I left the vet I was with and now only use Cass - for my fosters AND my own babies. Cass has seen me through Parvo, Demodectic mange, dog fights, and humane euthanasia. Everything they do is done primarily with the care and comfort of the pet in mind. However, they are always willing to work with owners on payment plans, etc... so that pets can get the care they need. Cass Veterinary Services is the BEST!


    Long Saturday hours and two locations


    VERY busy

  • 7. Best we've found...

    by: phylwill1152

    We take our pets to this clinic and ahve been very pleased with the care they are given. The staff is very helpful, answering all questions and providing good instruction for home care. Not only do do our pets get great care, but the prices are very resonable. I'd recommend this clinic to anyone who wants thier pets to get great care.


    great staff, reasonable rates



  • 8. Love Dr. Dan

    by: prettypattyprincess

    I love Dr. Dan he is such a great Dr. He really seems to care alot about the animals. All of the staff here is so nice and helpful. I just love them..




    none that I am aware of

  • 9. Cass kicks *&^!!

    by: iseeurn

    I have been taking my pets here for several years. They have helped me raise a litter of pups b/c their mom died in the birthing process. They have came to the office after hours for me for a sick animal and they have had the task of having to put a couple of my pets to sleep. They are always so very very kind and thoughtful.


    Always very kind and understanding to how you and your pet feels


    don't know of any

  • 10. Very supportive

    by: tdudis

    This clinic has supported PWP from the get go.. they treat our heartworm positive dogs at basically their cost.


    Give us a break on prices


    Quite a far distance away

  • 11. Cass Vet. Services Virgina , IL

    by: teresabutler

    Very afforable. Ann has been great to me. I am a regular at Cass Vet. Just ask ANN, maybe too regular. Lately it seem like I've been down to them at least once a week if not every other week.




    so far none,

  • 12. Local Vet helps all

    by: TeresaKline

    Cass is very low cost,accomadating and helpful to all.They have fit our animals from our rescue group in at the last minute numerous times and let us charge for their services.They are always nice and helpful.


    Always helpful and very low cost


    Need to do more in depth exam/testing at times.

  • 13. Best Doctors

    by: shelbytigger48

    I love the staff they are great.and sooo friendly. I love Dr. Dan he is the best and I would recommend him to everyone I know. Very clean clinic. I love it


    love it



  • 14. Very good Vet care

    by: Loripoohbear48

    I love this Veterinary Clinic. I used to work at one in Las Vegas. And they were good but I have never seen the compassion that these people have for the animals that come in. The staff is very nice and helpful. And Dr. Dan is the best.


    Associates are very nice and care



  • 15. Trust them with the care of your pet

    by: sgoldham

    I use Cass Veterinary Service for my personal pets as weel as the pets that we foster thru Pets Without Parents of Mason and Logan Counties.\r\n\r\nAll the Doc's are very compassionate, and most of all they are there in case of an emergency.\r\n\r\nThey have always provided high quality vet care.\r\n\r\nSue Oldham\r\nPresident\r\nPets Without Parents of Mason and Logan Counties


    Very affordable


    No evening hours