Carrvilla, A Better Dog School

8275 State Route 71
Yorkville, IL 60560

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Bad Experience

    by: peacewthn

    A friend and I boarded our four dogs at Carvilla during May. We visited for the pre-boarding interview, presumably to ensure that our dogs would get along well with others and that the staff would get to hear our concerns. One of my friend's dogs was a recent rescue with a history of jumping fences and on the day we dropped the dogs off she left specific written instructions that the dog could not be left unattended in a yard because he was a flight risk. The layout of the kennel seemed great and the staff ensured us that the instructions would be followed very closely. We also received a price which seemed fair. On the day we returned, imagine our surprise when we drove up to find Frankie, our flight risk alone in the uncovered yard, not 300 feet from 40+ MPH State Rt 71. When we questioned the person attending the dogs, she indicated that she had no idea the dog was a flight risk. On top of that, when I received my bill it seemed higher than what was quoted, but I paid it and took the receipt home to check it against what I had written down. It appeared that I'd been charged for an extra day, so I called the next day to clear clear it up. Long story short, after two different explanations of how much I should have been billed, Carvilla figured out that I had been charged an extra $50. I provided my address and requested that a check be mailed to my home. I also asked for a call back to confirm that the check would be mailed. No one called, so after a few days I called them and was told that they would be holding a credit on my account. I told them this was not okay and that I wanted a check sent to me. I was assured that a check would be mailed to me. A week later I had no check, so I wrote an email indicating that I would be contacting the BBB unless I received a call and a check. Someone called me almost immediately and agreed to send a check no later than the end of that week. This was approximately 8 weeks ago and I am still waiting. I suspect it may never come. Poor customer service skills, poor follow up and follow through. Even more importantly and the primary reason I would not board my dogs there again though is that our dog was at risk and did not need to be.


    Easily accesible


    Disorganized & Dishonest

  • 2. carvilla ruined our vacation

    by: dracobear

    we made a reservation for our dog for 4 days over spring break. we came in 2 weeks beforehand to fill our paperwork and have our "dog interview". they let our dog outside to play with some other dogs while the teenaged worker showed us around. everything went fine our dog had fun. on the day of our vacation we dropped our dog off and were on our way out of town. well carvilla called 20 minutes later "you have to come pick up you dog. he is not letting us handle him." we had to turn around and pick up our dog. he was scared. we had to cancel our vacation because we couldn't find anyone on such short notice on spring break to watch our dog. carvilla, some dogs get scared when they are away from home. maybe if you had some dog professionals on staff you would know this. when you agree to watch someones pet, they depend on you. we are very disappointed. carvilla is very unprofessional




    staff knows nothing about dogs/customer service