Carrollwood Cats

13305 Orange Grove Dr
Tampa, FL 33618

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Wonderful Cat's Only Veterinary Clinic

    by: MissStephenie

    Carrollwood Cats is a cat owner's dream come true. My cats have always been extremely uncomfortable going to vets that also see dogs. (Even though I have dogs at home) The smell at most vets is enough to make them upset.\n\nWhen I took my cat Mao to Carrollwood Cats, the experience was completely different. Mao hates going to the vet normally, he makes pitiful noises and goes bonkers in the room. At Carrollwood Cats, Mao actually relaxed. He didn't get upset when the nurse and the vet examined him. They were really gentle. While waiting he looked around the room (adorably decorated in cat-style) with interest and curiosity. Everything went smoothly including checking out. The vet called a few days later to see how he was doing and update me on blood test results. I was extremely impressed with the entire experience, and Mao didn't get stressed the way he has elsewhere.\n\nAt that point, I decided that my kitties would go there from now on.


    Cats only, no clinical smell, knowledgeable & caring


    10 miles away from my home- but worth the drive

  • 2. Excellent team of vets and staff

    by: poivre62

    When I lived in Tampa, Dr. Stacy Wadsworth & Dr. James Ray were my vets for 8 years and cared for the 15+ cats (my own pets & the neighborhood strays) that I brought to them. They help many organizations within the community and participate in reducing pet over population. Both are very knowledgeable and honest. Dr. Ray is extremely compassionate. When one of my cats was ill from a bout with Leukemia, Dr. Wadworth contacted the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center on my behalf to get chemo drugs and taught me how to adminster them. They helped me countless times; their services were invaluable.


    professional, caring, fair prices


    can't think of one