Carroll county dog warden

2185 kensington road ne route 9
Carrollton, OH 44615
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. A Dog Pound

    by: lablover60

    I pulled 11 pups from this Pound. I found it clean and the dogs well fed. Like they told me, we don't like gassing these dogs, but have no choice. There are many nice pounds and shelters. Its not the building, but the people behind them. If the community got behind this, it could be better. I do see postings on the web for their dogs. And I got one last year, a very nice dog. \r\nSo I think they are doing the best they can do with what they have to work with


    They were friendly



  • 2. Dog Pound

    by: NYMare

    This is a dog pound. People bring their dogs and strays there and the warden gasses dogs on Fridays. Volunteers try to get the dogs out before Friday. It is always a mad scramble. Who knows where the dogs end up, really. People walk in and pay 15 dollars and get a dog. No questions asked. It is so sad. There is no spay or neuter policy. There's only one consistent volunteer on the ground and she is always overwhelmed. The town and the people do NOTHING to help. It's disgusting.


    no innovation or creativity


    rural, no resources

  • 3. Very,VERY behind the times gassing shelter

    by: RichStoops

    There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for any facility that operates within a civilized society to gas animals to death. This shelter gives it's animals almost no time at all to be adopted or rescued, and the ones that do make it out of this shelter alive do so because of the work of volunteers. To the warden's credit he is agreeable to working with volunteers and rescues, but PLEASE - if an animal has to be euthanized (or so the shelter says), at least be humane about it!


    Some of the volunteers who work hard to get animals that are unfortunatel enough to land here to safety


    VERY quick to kill, the animals are gassed to death and some of the people attached to this shelter and volunteer service can be really snotty to work with.