Carpino mary dvm

5202 midway drive
Temple, TX 76502
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  • 1. knowledgable but difficult

    by: Tere1981

    Vet office is clean and the Vet knows what she is doing. She has the animals best interest in mind. However, the bill will be high and the wait time for an appointment is long. With exception of a few, the staff is always new and, because it is an entry level position, do not know what they are doing. I worked here for short time and was very disappointed in how I was treated. Yes, my behavior reflected that. Also, the means at which large animals are boarded would not please me for my animals. They are kept in a good kennel but the kennels are a warehouse type environment with minimal human interaction with floor heaters/fans. I did not witness any kennels separated from the healthy animals that was reserved for Parvo animals only. But, again I worked there for a short time and it is possible that there are some available but I was not introduced to them like I should have been. All in all, if you have the time and money, and the ability to work with difficult people (although I'm sure clients are not treated badly) give her a visit.


    Vet knows her stuff, bird accepted


    high turnover, boarding large animals