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Waukesha, WI 53188
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  • 1. Mixed feelings about Carpentier

    by: rschweitzer

    I was a client at Carpentier for about a year and took both of my cats there for routine check ups in mid-year. They were flexible with appointment times and booking, as I prefer to minimize the time I'm not at work. Everything with the check ups went fine and I was content with the staff.\n\nWhen one of my cats started vomiting several times per day, I took him in for an exam. He was constipated and she gave him an enema and sent him home. Long story short, he had pancreatitis and spent a number of days in an emergency hospital. After coming home from the ER, he was fine for a couple of days but soon started a downhill tumble, so once again I brought him back in. I was disappointed in the lack of response I received; basically, she suggested I take him back to the ER or another specialist.\n\nDuring this difficult time, I consulted with a friend who has loads of experience with pancreatitis and cats in general. She had me fax an article to Carpentier and insist on pain medication and sub-Q fluids for at-home treatment. I confronted the office and they reluctantly agreed to give me what I wanted. It was so frustrating to have to "demand" what I wanted when my pet was so ill.\n\nMy cat recovered and is back to normal--and I now have a different vet. I would suggest using Carpentier for routine visits but go elsewhere for more intensive treatment. A pet owner should not have to do research on her own and give it to their vet.


    Flexible about getting a last-minute appointment


    Difficult to get them to try alternative treatments