Carousel Park

3700 Limestone Road
Wilmington, DE 19808

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Best Dog Park Ever!

    by: claygirlsings

    Having lived several places, this is the best dog park we have run into yet. There is so much room for the dogs to run that it never feels crowded, even on a busy Sunday afternoon. The lake is great for swimming & fetching dogs. We loved that it had a walk in spot for the tentative dogs, and multiple jump in spots for our more adventurous lab. Only downsides, it's not fenced, so once my dog & another dog decided to see what they were missing, but we easily caught up with them and directed them back to the dog area. The other thing is that this is a horse park, so there are lots of smells from the horses. Some dogs fixated on the smells & didn't pay attention to the other dogs.


    Lake access


    not fenced

  • 2. A great place to go!

    by: Smile4Katie

    Acres of off leash and ob leash areas. Huge pond for them to swim in. Just beautiful and enjoyable place to go!


    Large amounts of space


    none that I know of

  • 3. Not great

    by: LeannYeo

    We had our kids and went walking into the woods in this county park. We wandered into the dog park area and were yelled at by patrons because we didn't have dogs with us. One said "If those kids get bit it's no ones fault but yours". Ummm, they are older (pre-teen and teen's) and used to dogs was my response. I explained we were simply walking and ended up in this area by accident and we would leave. I also explained we had never been to this park and were simply following a trail. Another patron said "Good, this is a DOG area, not a kid area".\nI was sadly disappointed that patrons of a county park could act as if it was private land. We never went back. Not a good experience for us or the kids.


    Beautiful setting


    Patrons are not friendly to newcomers