Caring 4 kittens

1521 wagstaff rd.
Paradise, CA 95969

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Caring4kittens really cares

    by: lduck

    No other rescue or shelter would answer my calls or emails.I had taken in a pregnant cat that was unwanted and had nowhere to go. When the kittens were old enough, I tried everywhere to find help to get them homes. No one wanted to help. Many didn't return my calls and emails, and the local pound would put them to sleep. The only one who offered any help was Debra at Caring4 kittens. She answered my email right away, got them shots, tested and their pics on the internet the next day.She is a great lady with a heart of gold for animals. She not only found good adoptive homes for these kittens, but spayed and neutered them and got them their kitten shots and tested for leukemia. I saw all ages of cats and kittens there...and none are killed. She had several litters that she was bottlefeeding as well.She is the only one that would help me out with these kittens.


    Every kitten/cat is spayed and neutered. None are killed.


    Every kitty gets a chance.

  • 2. loving place with open arms for cats

    by: Sasssy25

    A disabled lady runs this shelter which looks like it's a ton of work. She was washing out all of the litter boxes and food dishes when I showed up. She does have help, but could always use more. My daughter and I had to rescue an abandoned newborn kitten from an allergic friend's house one night. The kitten had been crying under their shed for 3 days. I called everywhere the next day, trying to find someone to take in and bottle feed this tiny kitten. Northwest SPCA told me they'd take it if I wanted it killed. Of course I didn't want that. I could've just left it alone and outside if that's what I wanted. This was the only place willing to take in and bottle feed the kitten. I was so grateful that I left the kitten AND a donation.


    no kill shelter


    in need of help