Capital humane society

2320 park blvd
Lincoln, NE 68502
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Got My Boys!

    by: nicolefanusa

    In 2001 I adopted two male kittens from this shelter. They were great in allowing me to spend time with the animals, keeping the animals healthy, and guiding me through an easy adoption process. They do a great job out there, so the only negative I could think of is their building's size. They are very limited in their space, and could use a much bigger building and kennel area to house more animals.


    Staff, Quick Adoption Process




    by: BRY80

    In March of 2006 my husband and I adopted our Min-Pin/Chihuahua mix, Minnie, from the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, NE. She's been with us every day since then! All we know about her life before coming to our home is that she was found by the North 27th Walmart. It's hard to look at her now, happy and healthy, and imagine her on the street. We are very proud of our decision to adopt and not buy a dog. She was almost a year old when we got her and it wasn't any easier or harder to train than if she were a young pup. She's definately a fixture in our home and a big part of our family. I HIGHLY recomend that people adopt their pets. There's just something extra special about it. Sometimes I look at Minnie and I think she really does know. She knows that she was adopted and because of us she is in a comfy, happy home. Of course I'd like to think that we'll have Minnie in our lives forever, but someday if we are ever down the road of getting a dog again I know exactly what we will do. Adopt from the Capital Humane Society! \r\n~Bry Schulz


    Helpful staff, pets are always fixed before adoption, safe environment.


    I can't think of any.