Canis minor pet boutique

31 river drive
Jersey city, NJ 07310
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Cat approved

    by: Bettina8

    I often go to this store when I am in the area. I find the selection of both toys and "human-grade" pet food to be good. My cats approve. I had my kitties groomed here, and I love their pickup and drop-off service. Saves me a bunch of time and they are great with the animals -- never came back stressed out. (But, they still like better when I do it ;-) ).


    Fun stuff and good groomers


    more expensive than others

  • 2. Great Doggie Daycare!

    by: val7101

    The doggie daycare people are excellent. I feel very secure leaving my dog there. They have tons of dog and cat food, and seem to know about the different options. I would totally recommend them!!


    Doggie Daycare, variety of food, customer service


    a tad expensive but not compared to Manhattan

  • 3. Very nice store!

    by: croft

    They carry a great selection of collars, leads, food, treats, pooper bags, cat items, and even some great indestructible dog toys (great when you've got an above average chewer!) Their dog clothing is top notch, but pricey. I'd love to come back to this place when I've got money to spend!


    Great selection of rare and hard to find items



  • 4. Nice place but a little pricey

    by: ibedatkid

    I like the selection of products at this store. They don't stock junk and the staff is very helpful.


    cool staff


    expensive area and the prices reflect it

  • 5. pricey but good

    by: amberjol

    \ni considered taking my dog here for vet, fixing, boarding, grooming, etc - yes they have it all! but its overpriced, especially compared to the competition. i go to groomingdales instead. however, each time i visit their store they have a great selection of cute stuff i havent seen anywhere else. also, they sometimes send coupons in value packs in the mail :)


    has a lot of cute stuff i had never seen before!


    pricey - especially the services

  • 6. courteous - small but plenty of stock

    by: shadrack

    I purchased some of my dog food items from here and find that the staff are just wonderful and helpful. \n\nThe prices are slightly higher (a dollar or two on a bag of food compared to chain stores) at this location but it is an expensive area and the rent must be obscene. For JC and Hoboken, the prices are competitive.


    accomodating - location near PATH


    none noted