Canine sports center

416 old middle street
Goshen, CT 06756
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. All inclusive

    by: Lbrant

    This is a great facility for not only grooming but for training. They are totally professional and well worth the travel


    Great all around center for grooming and training



  • 2. Groomer, Training, and Boarding

    by: AllenDoggies

    This is a great place for lots of things. The grooming is wonderful, they actually did extra last time I took my dog and didn't charge me for it. They also offer training facilities that include obedience, agility, therapy dogs, breeding, and so much more. I have worked with two of the trainers and they have been wonderful. My dogs get very excited when it is time to go to class and they socialize with lots of other dogs. They also board dogs at the center as well. I have not personally used this place because I don't board, but I know others who have been very satisfied. The center has more to offer but I am still exploring!


    Has lots to offer


    closes their office in the middle of the day