Canine Social Club

1103 Dublin Rd
Columbus, OH 43125

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Awesome and rescue friendly

    by: beaglemutz

    This day was handy for me when I worked downtown last year. They've been in the doggie daycare business for a decade now and know their stuff! They are very rescue friendly, Martha, the owner donates space for fosters from the animal shelter. Well designed space for dog groupings and an on-site doggie wash for self service. The only issue is that it is located on a busy street and parking for drop off means you pay extra care when getting your pup out. Priced more reasonable than others in the area. Martha has remained involved directly in the day to day operations, again, not something that has happened with other day cares in the area! A must check out if you need puppy day care!


    Knowledgable staff


    Location...close to street


    by: lindseymay01

    The staff is wonderful. I first started taking two of my dogs here for socialzation and they greatly improved. They both were very shy rescues one who ran away any time a stranger came into the house. The staff is great. They also offer boarding and grooming which is nice so the boarding dogs get to play in day care all day and are tired at night, better than be in a run all day for boarding. My dogs come home from being here for a day and sleep straight for two days! Every day before I walk out the door they go to their leashes as to say"are we going today?" I refer anyone to them who has a dog that is home all day by themselves. They have a great security system for dogs that are boarding and several doctors on call. Truly can not say enough good things about this place and I looked into several before choosing one...yes I am that person!


    My dogs come home better pro than that, socialization, excerise, dog is not home alone all day


    none so far