Canine Physical Rehabilitation Of The Southwest

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    by: meagen

    We have used Jeffrey's services for two of our dogs. Bensen had a spinal injury and suspected degenerative myelopathy. Candy was a rescue we adopted who had permanent spinal injuries due to a lifetime of neglect.\r\n\r\nJeffrey and his wife, Karen, are wonderful and compassionate dog lovers. He was very patient and thorough in explaining everything. Jeffrey did hydrotherapy with both dogs at his facility and he also gave us at-home PT exercises for Candy.\r\n\r\nI honestly cannot say enough good things about Canine Physical Rehab of the Southwest. Highest recommendation given!


    Compassion, knowledge, patience


    absolutely NONE

  • 2. Rehab Swim Therapy works post surgery!

    by: RubysMom

    Jeff Flocker is a human physical therapist / now trained in Canine rehab. My Veternarian Dr. Eric Roberts recommended water rehab and Jeff Flocker after a cruciate ligament repair and subsequent nerve / crush injury to our Bloodhound. \r\n\r\nI was nervous because - (1) she did not like water or the pool (2) she really is not that friendly to strangers (especially ones who want her to swim). Jeff was great with her (and me) he assured me he will make sure she does not hurt herself. He evaluated her injury, we set goals, he gave me home excersises in addition to the 3X a week water therapy. I prefered that we have her swim in his heated pool rather than the underwater treadmill. He puts a flotation vest on and she did great with him! He actually gets in with her and makes sure she is not injuring herself further etc. \r\n\r\nAfter 5 weeks of water therapy I was able to complete her therapy at home with the excercises he gave me. He is used to all kinds of dogs, temperments, ages etc. The water therapy was great because it removes all of the weight off of her legs when she is exercising. Jeff Flocker was great with our Clover and is highly recommended!


    options - heated pool or underwater treadmill


    need to schedule 1 week in advance