Canine Country Club Feline Inn

4201 Marna Lynn Avenue Nw
Albuquerque, NM

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Exceptional Care

    by: pitticupcakes

    This is a fabulous place! I take all of my dogs here when we go out of town and my border collie is always happy to go and happy to come home. The workers know the dogs by name and miss them when they leave. They also include a little slip evaluating the dogs expirience, saying if they made friends, enjoyed their meals, etc. It is wonderful and makes me feel very assured when I go on vacation.


    Very friendly workers, clean kennels, playtime for your dogs with others, willing to work with hard to handle dogs, have doggie excersize or ice cream!


    Kind of expensive, only offer a couple hours of excersize which is hard on energetic breeds.

  • 2. Great place for cats and dogs

    by: JimDog

    After many years of success on 4th Street, they built this new facility to better serve the growing westside. Conveniently located but far enough away from main roads to give your pet a quiet place to live when you're away and can't take them with you.


    Well-planned and nicely maintained


    Not for those on a limited budget

  • 3. great

    by: robokaz

    They are very professional and clean. They make sure your dog has the best time there possible.