Campbell kellee k dvm

12315 dessau road
Austin, TX 78754
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  • 1. Awesome Vet!!!

    by: mallingc

    Dr. Campbell is the best vet I have ever taken my dog too. She is personable, and even does a lot of the work on Ginny that vet techs typically do. She has a great staff, and for me an even greater location. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed, and not stressful for the pups.\n\nA couple of months ago I was fostering a dog for the AHS. Both the foster (Dulcy) and my girl Ginny started to get goopy eyes with a lot of discharge. Thinking initial stages of a URI, I brought Dulcy into the vet at the AHS. They worked her up and had meds ready quick. Wanting the same thing for Ginny, I called Dr. Campbell's office on my way over there. They worked an appointment in for me even though they were booked, and Dr. Cambell was awesome! She looked at Ginny, recommended some action, and then didn't even charge me for the visit.\n\nI love this place!


    The best, and close to home