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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Dr. Mazur is the best!

    by: STACY

    I have eight cats and two large dogs. Dr. Mazur at Catawba has been my vet for 16+ years. He is wonderful with my pets. He listens, cares and does his very best to keep my them healthy & happy.


    Dr. Mazur truly cares about the pets, their care and has a great bed side manner.



  • 2. West Flamingo Animal Hospital Grooming Services

    by: chelliesee

    As I stated in my other posts, I am a big fan of the Animal Hospital so it seemed natural to utilize the grooming services there....and I did for the past 14 years. Unfortunately, there has been turnover in this position so it can be hard to build a relationship there. The latest grooming manager is named Teresa and I do not recommend her services to anyone! It seems that Teresa just want to shave your dogs and I have been noticing that many dogs were leaving completely shaved! The last incident is what totally turned me off and I have since found another groomer. After my dog passed away, I adopted 2 adorable miniature schnauzers. I brought them to be groomed. They did not have one knot on them. I dropped them off at 9am. At 9:06 am, the vet called. I was getting gas and left the phone in the car. At 9:09, I saw the vet office had called. There was no message so at 9:10am - 4 minutes after the initial call, I called the vet's office. I was worried and inquired if anything was wrong. The front office staff checked with Teresa and she got on the line to tell me that the dogs need to be shaved I told her that I noticed that she wants to shave all dogs and I that I felt that she was taking shortcuts and being lazy I told her not to shave my babies and that I would be right back to pick up my babies. I was only up the block so I was back in a flash Well when she came out with y dogs one was half shaved!........I told her that I told her not to shave them and that she could not even have bathed them in that short period of time. Bottom line is the glared at me and THREW the leashed at me and walked I have taken my business elsewhere. The shame of it is that it has affected my opinion of the hospital in general (since no one did anything about it or responded to my e-mails detailing what has happened) and after 14 years I am seeking a new vet. Imagine what she could do to the dogs when left alone.\n\nObviously, I would not recommend using the grooming services.\n\n


    Hospital on premises


    Grooming Manager rude, wants to shave all dogs, seems to be more interested in $'s