Camp canine country club & spa

808 west broward boulevard
Fort lauderdale, FL 33312
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. we tryed it out

    by: schnoll007

    jasmine just loves to play, she hates to be home by her self. but we had to stop going because she needed to much attention, and it was costly for us


    very nice and comftable


    price is a little two hight especially in these times

  • 2. Canine Country Club - Kennel in Manheim

    by: patbow

    I found this place accidentally when I was driving on a back road just outside of Manheim. They have multiple kennels, an agility course, a doggie playground, and many runs. They board dogs overnight as well as have a daycamp. My dogs absolutely love going here. When I make my vacation plans, this is the very next thing I do; make reservations for Lilybelle and Harley. My dogs, although happy to see us when we pick them up, also seem somewhat sad to leave. They get a doggie report card to let you know if they have behaved, played well with others, and if they have eaten like good little doggies should. This place is always busy so I am not sure if they are accepting new clients. Their motto is D.O.G. - depend on God (and his animals)


    Very clean, professional and courteous