Camp bow wow lodo denver dog daycare & boarding

3645 brighton boulevard
Denver, CO 80216

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  • 1. Great place!

    by: bakingbarrister

    Camp Bow Wow LoDo is such a great place! The staff is unbelievably friendly, and all of them truly enjoy their jobs AND dogs. They are always so happy and energetic when I drop my dog off, and they are equally friendly and outgoing during phone calls. They keep individual files on each dog and note their vaccinations, feeding schedule, etc. They keep track of when the dogs are do for vaccinations. All dogs must be neutered or spayed. Initially, I was always hesitant about doggie day care because of “horror stories” that I read regarding the condition of facilities. This camp is very clean, and I feel safe leaving my dog there without excessive worries about him catching something. I’ve seen the staff clean the facility to ensure that the doggies remain healthy, and they take extra precautions during the kennel cough season. The dogs are divided up into play areas based on size, and this makes it a safer experience for the dogs. There are play pools, slides, and doggie “jungle gyms” for the dogs to play in. There are regular cabins and a suite available for the dogs. The suite is nice because you can even check on your dog while he or she is snoozing. My dog has done both and been equally as happy. In some ways, I think that the regular cabins are a good option especially since the dogs all remain closer to one another. I loved the Web Cams and even got the Camp Bow Wow Web Cam app. It always makes me feel happy to see my dog having such a blast while I’m away. Overall, I’d highly recommend Camp Bow Wow LoDo. My dog starts jumping and runs to grab his leash when I tell him, “It’s time for camp.” Thanks to Camp Bow Wow LoDo for their great work!


    Friendly staff


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