Camp bow wow delaware north

301 ruthar drive
Newark, DE 19711

User Reviews (11)

  • 1. The best around!

    by: EnolaReverof

    My dog Sam absolutely loves Camp Bow Wow! When we get close, he starts to go crazy in the car - he just cannot wait to get inside. When we arrive, we're always greeted by name and Sam can go right in and play with his furry friends. I can check in during the day by watching him on camera playing with the staff and other dogs, and when I pick him up after work he almost always naps in the car on the way home. I bring home a happy, calm, worn out pup and that makes my evenings very pleasant. I don't know what I'd do without Camp Bow Wow - it's made such a difference with Sam and I couldn't be happier!


    Wonderful staff, very clean, camper cams so I can watch all day!


    None I can think of...

  • 2. Always a good time

    by: SophieBean

    Sophie goes to daycare a few days each week and always has a great time! She comes back exhausted after playing with her friends nonstop for hours. As her owner, I really like the fact that Camp Bow Wow is extremely clean, well supervised, and has very convenient hours for drop off and pick up. The staff is caring and genuinely welcomes Sophie each time she arrives. I feel confident knowing that I leave her in good hands. The camper cameras are great as I can watch her have a good time while she's there. I also enjoy the play days with the various photos. My fridge is covered with Sophie's "camp" pictures. Overall, I hands down recommend Camp Bow Wow's services as a great way to socialize and exercise your dog!


    The staff is great, the place is clean...see the review



  • 3. Tarot Rates a Two Paws Up!

    by: csnelson2

    Our little shepherd mix rescue, Tarot, luuuuuuvs Camp Bow Wow! From what she tells us, she is the fun. While I was looking for a puppy day care facility, after the first unnamed location on Rt. 7 requiring an appointment to view the facility (suspicious?) and then walking into Camp Bow Wow unannounced and being offered a full tour, I was immediately sold. The staff was kind, location was clean and there is an iPhone app for web cam viewing and much more! (It's an Apple shop :-)) Being our first non-afghan hound, we had some reservations about potential temperament issues, so we decided that Camp Bow Wow would be an ideal environment for socialization. Tarot also has an abundance of energy, so Camp Bow Wow is ideal for burning off that herding dog energy! She is an extremely friendly and well socialized nearly 1 year old puppy now and we are grateful for the care and attention she has received while attending Camp Bow Wow. Cleanliness and vaccine requirements were critical to us, with an older dog at home, with a weaker immune system. While we use holistic veterinary services, in this situation, it was important to know that Tarot would not be bringing anything contagious home to our older dog. The customer service has been awesome. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, but not in an "all knowing" way. The only drawback for us is the price. Due to a transitional financial situation, we aren't able to bring Tarot nearly as often as she would like to go. Tarot gives Camp Bow Wow 2 paws up!


    My confidence level of the staff caring for my dog


    For us at this time it is price prohibitive. It's not the most convenient location for us, but worth it because of the Pro!

  • 4. Home Buddies Rock!

    by: Krisiev

    We love our Home Buddies sitters. We adopted a Great Dane in early August and she gets too excited around other dogs right now (but we're working in that!). The Home Buddies program has been perfect for us and our new addition. They have allowed us to go away for a night or take a day trip without worrying about her feeding times and potty breaks, or leaving her home alone overnight. Some of our appointments have even been last minute emergencies and they were able to accommodate us! We love the personalized notes and reports that the sitters leave so that we know that they arrived, and that our doggie was well behaved for them. I'm so happy that we found this service!


    The staff


    My dog isn't ready for camp - yet!

  • 5. Absolutely loved it!

    by: crazyaboutcairns

    I recently brought my two cairn terriers, Sissy and Sassy, to Camp Bow Wow and absolutely fell in love with it (as did my dogs ). I was told while on a tour that it was one of their busiest days, yet there was absolutely no smell of dogs. I've been to Dogtopia in Newark and seemed like you were hit with the smell as soon as you walked in. The indoor and outdoor play areas were great, maybe that's why it didn't reek of urine. I boarded the two over the weekend and watched them on the online cameras. They looked like they were having a lot of fun, and the workers said they loved them! :-) I was very happy with the entire experience and they will be going for daycare frequently because of it. I only accept the best for my girls!


    Super clean, friendly staff, dogs love it, very accomadating


    can't think of any! :)

  • 6. Love the camp!

    by: Mistys15

    I love love LOVE my doggie daycare!!! I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with Camp Bow Wow since we started bringing my dog there for daycare a few months ago. As soon as we walked in the door for our "meet and greet," the staff were all smiles and very welcoming towards us. They seemed to genuinely care about not only my dog, but all the dogs in the place. That same first impression has only grown since. I feel totally safe leaving her while I'm at work. I used to feel guilty not being about to be with her due to work, but this place has come to my rescue-- whenever I take a peak on the webcams, the staff are interacting with all the dogs. Whenever I drop her off in the morning, I know I will be picking up a happy, tired pup! I hope to take a vacation at the end of the summer, which will be my first boarding Misty. Camp Bow Wow is the first place I trust to leave her.


    genuine care for the dogs, cleanliness of facility, friendliness of staff



  • 7. Not a happy camper

    by: DogWhispering

    I was hesitant to give two stars, but I gave did because of it's physical appearance. It at least deserves to be said that the place looks nice. However, everything else is unsatisfactory. This place is all frills. They advertise a big camp like facility for your dog with warm and loving staff, but that is not what you get. The staff is rude, and inconsiderate...a little too pretencious for my taste. My dog doesn't care about themed suites, or expensive decor, or any of those things. All she wants is attention and to be loved and played with. I didn't feel that type of environment there For daycare my dog basically sat in a huge room the entire time. I did not once see him on the camera. There was no interaction between the dogs and workers. When I picked him up, he reeked to high heavens. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, and am probably going to stick with the more smaller and intimate facilities. This seems to be another petsmart with a different name.




    all frills

  • 8. Not Recommended

    by: D0gL0ver

    I was very disappointed in this facility. There were quite a few reasons. It was a new building, but did not seem clean. The staff did not seem to know how to handle multiple dogs, and were not very nice. I will not be going back , and would not recommend to anyone. I had to rewrite this review, because for some reason my previous review was flagged. I have just as much of a right to let people know my bad experience, as others who had better experiences.


    close by


    unclean, unknowledgable

  • 9. Fun Day at Camp!

    by: Rubydooo

    Ruby had her first day at camp and LOVED it! I was able to check in periodically thought out the day via the webcams and see my little darling playing and socializing. I toured the camp and was very impressed by the cleanliness and knowledgeable staff. I spoke with Laurie and could tell that she really enjoyed what she was doing and I am confident to send my pup back! Thank you so much for setting my mind at ease, now I can drop Ruby off for day camp or overnight camp without hesitation! ;)


    Clean, knowledgable, helpful & FUN!!!!


    A bit of a drive from Maryland :(

  • 10. GREAT service and GREAT facilities

    by: ScottPSU

    We were in need of a dog walker for our new Golden Retriever when we found Home Buddies. They staff was very quick to accommodate the longer drive to provide in-home care, while camp was under construction. Since then, we have had nothing but TREMENDOUS service that can only be described as the BEST. They are very accommodating to changing schedules and when our little pup is at camp, we know he is receiving the best care possible! For the discerning customer, trust in Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies to give your best friend the best of care. -A VERY satisfied, picky and skeptical customer


    Knowledgeable, caring and astute staff!



  • 11. Camp Bow Wow=Excellent!

    by: bellbrodek

    Camp Bow Wow is an incredible place! The facility is always immaculate (which you can see from the live camera feeds) and kept odor free. The staff (Camp Counselors) are certified dog handlers and watching them work in the playrooms [w/ my dogs] is such a relief and joy. I just love that I can log on and watch what’s going on. I haven’t found another doggie daycare, and especially a kennel, that is comparable.


    Live video feeds


    People can't live there