Camp bow wow charleston

1745 clements ferry rd
Charleston, SC 29492

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  • 1. Bradley has a blast!

    by: BradleyJenkins

    Bradley goes and has a blast. Every dog goes through an interview process to determine whether they are not aggresive. Bradley passed the test and he received a cute graduation certificate with his picture. Camp Bow Wow opens at 7 am and the dogs play in one of three indoor/outdoor facilities until noon and then they get a nap. After the nap they get to play until closing, which is 7 pm (or until they get picked up) Each pup gets their own kennel with a cozy cot for the naps and for overnight stays. The people who work there can feed and give meds if the dog stays overnight. Bradley has so much fun there, it was pretty much 6 straight hours of playtime for him, so basically it was real easy to put him to bed when we got home after his first visit :) He can't wait to go back.


    clean facilities, constant observation, socialization, hours of play, overnight facility


    can't think of any