Camp bow wow - chapel hill

4310 bennett memorial rd
Durham, NC 27705
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    by: MonkeyGrrl

    I boarded my dogs here when I lived in NC. It's AWESOME that they have webcams so I can view my dogs at play while I'm away. It adds a measure of confidence to know I can check in on them. Also, their play rooms all have access to the outside. Granted, they are not large open outdoor spaces - so there's no running through grassy meadows - but at least they can go outside, smell the fresh air, and pee. One time we didn't realize one of our dogs bordatella had expired and the helpful folks at Camp Bow Wow arranged for a vet to come out to their facilities to give her the vaccination. It wasn't even very expensive (they could have gouged us if they wanted to). Their general rates are very good for boarding and include doggy daycare - which is huge. It's nice that my dogs can socialize during the day and are not cooped up in a crate. Before they would accept my dogs they had to attend a meet-and-greet aggression interview. It's nice to know the dogs are screened for aggressive behavior. My only complaint is that the sleeping section/crates are not very private. One of my dogs is rather anxiety-prone and I imagine the open room filled with "cabins" (open crates) could be stressful. However, I'm not actually sure how my dog felt about it... All in all, I'm really confident about leaving my dogs at Camp Bow Wow.


    WEBCAMS, helpful staff, pre-boarding interview, great rates


    mostly indoors, kennel/sleeping section not so private