Camelot puppy sanctuary

27696 locust grove rd
Mcarthur, OH 45651

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. A truly amazing place!

    by: ztT4MP27298343

    A truly wonderous place for dogs! I was met by a pack of animals who truly were a pack in every positive sense of the word.\r\n\r\nStephanie could control them as a group or individually with a wave of her hand. The second dog that I had selected that day was absolutely terrified of me. Steph told me how to walk her, approach her and earn her confidence and the results were obvious in thirty minutes or so. Now she is a great dog for me, very loving and loyal.\r\n\r\nI wish I could win the lottery so I could make all of Camelot's dreams for improvements come true!\r\n\r\nChip Smith\r\nConneaut, Ohio


    Stephanie is just fabulos. Taught me more about dog handling in 30 minutes than I had learned in 55 years of living with them.


    Probably not enough money.

  • 2. A Little Piece of Heaven for the Forgotten

    by: UV

    I am sure that most animals that find their way to this sanctuary think they have found heaven. The premises are make for adventure, fresh air, and all sorts of inhabitants. There is even a pond! Ms. Stephanie, the owner, helped find our baby boy, our BIG baby boy, Sebastian. When our Rags became ill and could not walk and had a personality change, I was scared. I knew I needed someone to help me through what I thought might happen (thank God it has not and Rags is hanging in). I looked on Pet Finder and saw a darling little dude at Camelot. I emailed and talked with Stephanie about my situation and how much I just wanted a little lap dog to take everywhere and to confide in as we take the children to school, pick them up, etc., etc. Little dude was spoken for but she found Sebastian, a shih tzu. Well, Rags is defying all odds and is no longer mean. The little shih tzu, Sebastian, turned out to be a HUGE fellow with an attitude - not my lap dog. But he is exactly what this family needed. He has an attitude that just makes you laugh. Camelot is the most wonderful place for animals, but Stephanie cannot keep and shelter all of them. If you need an animal (she has lots of different kinds), especially a puppy or dog, this place is wonderful. Thank you dear Stephanie. The Mastrorocco Family


    The Owner and the Location


    Lack of Funding