Camden county animal shelter & adoption center

125 south black horse pike
Blackwood, NJ 08012
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User Reviews (15)

  • 1. Wonderfu; Shelter

    by: shmook08

    I think that this is a wonderful shelter and anyone looking to adopt, they should come here. The staff is so friendly and whenever I e-mail them about a dog I get a e-mail back that night or in a dog or two. Their animals are well kept and the cages are nice and sanitary.


    Can and Will house every dog.


    There are so many dogs not everyone will get a home.

  • 2. CCAS works hard to help homeless animals

    by: fatliver

    This animal shelter goes above and beyond to help animals which have been displaced find safe and loving homes. they receive more animals than they have room for, but have many dedicated fosters that provide temp placement until they move on to their forever homes.\r\n\r\nI applaud all the efforts made by the staff and volunteers.\r\n


    Staff & Volunteers extend beyond the norm to help animals in their care find forever homes and or rescues


    shelter receives more animals than there are room for, so they are constantly fighting an uphill battle.

  • 3. Great Job!

    by: Lamgen

    Run by caring people who LOVE animals


    Wonderful Staff


    Building in need of repair-overcrowding a problem.

  • 4. Truly Care About the Animals!

    by: twentypaws

    It's an honor to be associated with this shelter as a foster parent. They are the best shelter/rescue I've dealt with so far, and go the extra mile to make sure as few dogs and cats as possible have to be euthanized. I drive 90 miles one way just to work with and foster for this shelter!


    hardworking, caring, dedicated, friendly



  • 5. Great shelter and great people

    by: nms519

    I adopted my dog from here in Feb. and the staff was very helpful and easy to work with. While the first dog I saw online was not available and the second was not good with cats as stated, the third time was a charm. I'm very glad to have worked with them and they have had good follow up with me.


    Super Friendly


    Website not up to date

  • 6. Wonderful Shelter, helpful volunteers

    by: jamiee1024

    My husband and I visited the shelter and adopted an dalmation. Although he didn't work out for our family, I have nothing but praise for the staff. they were helpful, attentive, and compassionate through the entire ordeal. The shelter was always clean, and well maintained. I was dissapointed that we weren't able to recieve our adopition fee back, since we were mislead in the behaviors of this dog, but Im happy knowing it went to help so many other animals who need a loving home. Kudos to the staff at CCASNJ


    helpful staff, clean environment


    adoption policy is too harsh

  • 7. Great Shelter, Great Staff

    by: CalvinsMom

    We got our little Calvin from this shelter and we couldn't be more happy with him. Heather helped us with our initial dog meet and though our other dog is now deceased, the staff members were a great help.\r\n\r\nThey took great care of our Calvin while he was there and we are grateful.


    Heather Speeks is awesome!


    limited space

  • 8. Basically a no kill shelter

    by: kathrynnj

    I lost my cat a couples days ago and have been there 2 times in 3 days looking for him. I hope to find my cat soon and the staff there has been so helpful. Thanks alot everyone there.


    Staff does not like to put animals down ever, they are really nice and helpful, its really clean and organized there


    Still considered a kill shelter.

  • 9. Camden County Shelter - loving staff with the dogs

    by: litlman

    The Camden County shelter serves too many municipalities with loving care to find homes for unwanted, surrendered and stray animals. The efforts to find homes are heroic! There is a loving staff and a strong cadre of volunteers - but not enough. There also needs to be a push for more space in this shelter. When it was built, it was not designed to accomodate enough animals - it cannot keep pace! Give generously to this shelter to continue serving and to expand its space to welcome every animal who enters its doors!


    Very loving staff


    Too few staff, needs more volunteers!

  • 10. Great Spay/Neuter Clinics

    by: MaureenKoplow

    CCAS holds monthly spay/neuter clinics for area cats. Every month, over 100 cats are fixed so they will never contribute to the homeless population. Their caretakers are thrilled with the wonderful program, and the community benefits as well. The shelter also has an ongoing low-cost spay/neuter program that takes care of cats and dogs. Marvelous!


    Very caring volunteers at the clinics


    I wish more people were aware of the program so they could participate

  • 11. Good place.

    by: allmiiluhvx3

    This is a good shelter, they take in thousands of animals a year!


    Helpful. Nice. Lots of animals.


    Bad location

  • 12. Camden County Animal Shelter--- a good shelter with a tough mission

    by: rjcronk

    I love pit bulls and they get a lot of them at this shelter from the city of Camden. Unfortunately they must put down alot of these animals.


    they try very hard


    they are over loaded from the city of camden

  • 13. They do a great job here!

    by: Jerzieeaglette

    This is where I have got my dogs. \nCCAS is a great place. Considering that they mostly get the pits and rotties.. they do a great job with what they have. \nPlease stop by and help them out!!!


    caring, animal comes first attitude


    too many animals there

  • 14. Wonderful Shelter

    by: blueeyez485

    I have adopted 3 wonderful pets from this shelter. I recommend them to everyone. This shelter really cares for their animals and does everything possible to make them comfortable there and find them a home as soon as possible.


    very clean, very caring volunteers


    need some upgrades to their facility such as more outside play areas and more kennel room

  • 15. they work so hard here!

    by: jhutnik

    This shelter does a great job, considering they get so many pit mixes and pits . They work tirelessly trying to find homes for their doggies.\r\n\r\nThey also have a huge volunteer base and get a lot of volunteers to FOSTER their dogs.\r\nthey are always crowded :o( --\r\nkeep up the good work!


    adopt out so many deserving dogs


    location yuck