California Cat Center Inc

7048 Sophia Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91406

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  • 1. Great and caring place

    by: dee2g

    I was very hesitant on leaving my Shadow at a kennel in a small cage, locked up and nowhere to go, especially since he had medical issues and needed shots daily. BUT California Cat Center always has knowledgeable staff and a vet on the premisis so that put my nerves at ease. You could choose a cage-free suite or a large condo for your kitty, which is great. Once a day, they will let each cat out of it's condo, one by one so that there are no issues with other cats. They can stretch their legs and be as curious as they want to be, listening to the widescreen tv with mice playing or watching a birdcage of finches. As my friend put it, "It's like having a spa day for a cat." Well, my Shadow deserves to have a spa day if I'm away.


    Cat friendly, courteous, staff on premisis always


    can't think of any...