C & gk-9 patrol

243 oak st.
Uniondale, NY
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  • 1. I think they are only out for the money

    by: Ickkymez

    In my opinion, I thought that they were only out for the money. They wanted me to leave my dog there to get trained. They never even interacted with my dog to see what she knew or didn't knew. And the best way to train a dog is to train the owner. The dog might be great while in the facility but once out of the training facility everything will be lost since the owner is not trained too. \r\n\r\nI never put my dog in the facility but my friend's mom used them and they saw good results with the dog but over time the lessons were lost. These were people that didn't have time or the patience to train their own dog...so for that it is good.


    Good if you don't want to train your own dog.


    Out for the money