Butler county fiscal animal shelter

463 boat factory road
Morgantown, KY 42261

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Very small facility

    by: Hareball

    Butler County is just now beginning to become a real shelter. Several people on their board and several volunteers are trying really hard to better the facility.\r\n\r\nThey have a long way to go, but I respect them for beginning the process.\r\n\r\nThe BIGGEST thing they need to focus on right now is spay/neuter prior to adoption.


    Great volunteers


    small & not a lot of resources

  • 2. Nice people, sad shelter.

    by: IResQK9sNKy

    The Butler Co. Animal Shelter has a nice staff that try hard to help the animals that come into their charge. However, their facility is extremely small and under-funded, I doubt that have everything they need simply to operate from day-to-day. I have, however, seen shelters like this grow and flourish, so I have hopes for this one as well.


    Nice people, sad shelter.


    Extremely small, under-funded.

  • 3. Someone needs to help!!

    by: jessicakaras

    Someone needs to help the poor animals over at this shelter!! Once (and the only time), I went to see the shelter there was a dead dog laying in one of the kennels and no one seemed to care and take care of it. The dogs were not taken care of at all. They didn't have food or water and you could tell they were starving! Those poor dogs don't deserve to be in conditions such as those. They don't give enough time for someone to come and adopt the dogs before they take it in their own hands. \r\nIt makes me sick to think about what they do to those animals. We need to do something about this!!




    Dead animals that no one picks up, poop all over the floor, no food or water!!!

  • 4. Help These animals

    by: cadycam

    I would not bring a goldfish to this shelter. I have has several experiences with this shelter and am horrified with this place. I once called about an animal being abused in our neighborhood. They told me that no one comes to pick up animals and that I should just ignore the situation. Then she informed me that the dog would be euthanized within 3 days if no one came to adopt it. \r\nOn another occasion I went to look for an animal that was missing in our area. When I got there I saw a dead puppy laying with it's living litter mates and mother. The woman who runs it (this may have changed) came out of the building and began screaming at me that I needed to leave because they were closed for the day. When I began to tell her that she needed to check on the puppy, she became even more irate and chased me to my van. Me and my husband went to the judge with this information and were told that she was a family friend and we needed to cut her some slack since she had a rough home life. Thankfully, he is no longer the judge. \r\nSomeone needs to step in and do something about this place! People out here just think animals are feelingless and disposable, this includes the "shelter" workers.


    Not a single one to list


    Animals are neglected and euthanized within days, RUDE staff