Bull Creek District Park

6701 Lakewood Dr.
Austin, TX

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great park

    by: jamesjulie

    Our dogs love playing fetch in the water at Bull Creek. It can get very crowded during peak hours, but the place is practically yours early in the mornings!


    Water area


    Not fenced in

  • 2. Lots of water fun

    by: sebogard

    This area is beautiful and the dogs love it here. There are plenty pf places to splash in the water, some very shallow and other deeper areas where they can swim. There are also trails to walk with your dogs on. Of course the water dries up in the shallow areas when we are in need of rain, but it is always fun here.


    lots of places to splash and swim


    no fence

  • 3. Fun creek park

    by: AnneChild

    This is a fun section of Bull Creek right off the highway. There is a dam along this section so would be good splashing!


    along creek


    steep trails