Bull Creek District Dog Park

6701 Lakewood Drive
Austin, TX 78731

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. fun in the sun

    by: smithkristin

    this is a nice place to let your dog play in the water and if you feel like hiking alit bit. that great too. we have a good time out there. we here just there like 2 weekend ago. we had lot of fun. and i think they where having a pug meeting there. cause i saw so many different pug dog out there, it was crazy. but alot of fun. pug are cute, makes me laught to see them out there trying to play in the water. to cute!


    lots of dogs


    dirty doggies

  • 2. Nice Creek

    by: AnneChild

    Bull Creek is pretty here along the cliffs, even with dino prints nearby... at least they look like it to me.


    pretty creek


    low water crossing

  • 3. Scenic Park

    by: AustinSupporter

    This is a great park. Easy access off of 360. Nice swimming hole. Parking is a challenge on weekends, especially when the weather is hot....but the dogs sure do enjoy the water!


    Beautiful scenery, easy access



  • 4. Bull Creek Dog Park is Great

    by: nancyraab

    My dogs and I absolutely love this park. We start from the parking lot near Spicewood Springs Road on 360. The dogs run in and out of the water, love the smells, and I get to enjoy a reprieve amongst nature. The end of the hike is at the municipal park where the dogs can frolic with other dogs. A lovely way to spend an hour-plus with your dogs.


    Nice long walk next to stream, away from road


    Part of it is officially not an off the leash area; dog poop not cleaned up on trail

  • 5. Great, large park

    by: leacline

    This is a great, typical Austin place. It is a little far out but that just means that the dogs can be free to roam. The water is shallow and there is always a nice group of pups to play with.\nJasper is a little shy but even he likes this park. I think it is because there is enough room for him to avoid dogs if he gets shy.


    Lots of space to wander, and good smells


    People do not pick up after themselves

  • 6. Has it's good and bad

    by: whickums

    I used to go to this park a lot, but I started running into people who would take their toddlers there or go to have picnics and expect dozens of dogs not to approach their tasty food. I got tired of people trying to kick or swat my dogs away and didn't feel like walking on eggshells anymore hoping a toddler wouldn't do something that would scare my dogs and result in a bite. \r\n\r\nIf you go during off peak times (weekdays, mid day) the park is rather nice. When we're not in a drough there is a nice waterfall and swimming area on Bull Creek, as well as lots of shallow areas for wading. You can cross the creek and take a hike along Bull Creek but beyond the park it is no longer leash free. There has been a lot of landscaping work done over the past couple of years to prevent erosion and generally pretty up the place.


    versatile- swimming, running, exploring in the trees


    the people sometimes ruin things

  • 7. Great park for dogs who love water

    by: anne2003

    This is a great off leash dog park for dogs who love to play in the water. It is in a great location easy to find off Loop 360 and Lakewood Drive for people who live north. They also have trails but my dog and I just enjoyed the water.


    Great park for dogs who love water


    Can be crowded on weekends

  • 8. A favorite of many

    by: jaxfooch

    This is a great place for dog owners with dogs that are great off leash. The wooded area is quite extensive, so if youplan to let you dog off-leash, be sure thathe/she will recall if needed. Otherwise, keeping dogs on-leash is highly recommended. They have BBQs if you want to take a picnic. The people who frequent are very friendly. A great park for water and landlovers alike.


    Water and hiking trails; swimming for people


    Lots of woods for dogs that don't listen to get lost in

  • 9. Love this place

    by: AnnieHudson

    This is my favorite place to take my dog. She loves the water! There's deep places for the ones that really like to swim and there's shallow water for the ones that just like to step in it. There's also a wide open field for fetch and lots of doggie play time that is away from the water. This is attached to the Green Belt so there are trails that lead to and away from the dog park. These trails require your dog to be on leash though. But most people ignore this rule. There was a problem with people not picking up after their dogs but the city put signs out threatening to take away the off leash privileges so it has gotten better. All and all, this is a great place for your pooch to run, swim, and make some new dog friends. You're sure to return home with a tired pooch!


    lots of space and water


    lots of space for a dog to run off

  • 10. Favorite Dog Park in Austin

    by: ahamblin

    Bull Creek is tucked away from traffic and city life. It can sometimes be difficult to find parking on Sunday afternoons because a lot of people come out to pic nic and swim. There is a large grassy area that the dogs like to run on. Lots of shade trees. There is a shallow part of the river where the dogs like to congregate and people throw toys and balls for the dogs to chase and swim after in the water. The creek bed narrows and picks up some speed into somewhat of a small natural water fall and dumps into a deeper swim area. There is a shallow beach where you and your dog can enter the water if you want to swim in this area. Cross the creek up stream and follow the dirt and rock trails through the trees and tall grass next to the river. There are several points where the trail crosses the river and you and your dog can get in the water to swim or cool off. Be sure to bring a leash for your dog, shoes that are designed to get wet, and litter bags to pick up after your dog.


    Water to swim in, trails to run on, grass to play in


    Crowded on Sundays